Most likely to (Me and Alex Go in on Each Other!)

Happy NEW YEAR HOMIES! This video was shot at the end of last year and uploaded on another site. We’re now allowed to post it here so enjoy Alex and I talk s— on each other!

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Title: Most likely to (Me and Alex Go in on Each Other!)

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  1. What are you guys most excited about for this year?
    (BTW we finally got some shit poppin' this year for y'all)
    SNAPCHAT: HiEriccc


  2. Monarchs hairline

  3. forever my favorite youtubers

  4. Loved it all

  5. “West side” (sleepy brown puts his upside down)
    “Where u from? Mexico” (sleepy brown puts his head down

  6. 💙💙💙💙 😂😂😂😂

  7. Either Alex is loading his hair or he cut it

  8. THESE are real YouTubers! Not these fake new ones that got their subscribers from other sites

  9. Oh shit ego and sleepy vegeta 😂

  10. OMG! I can not believe you guys are still going this. THAT IS AWESOME. from ages 15 through 20 I would watch all of your cholo adventure videos. Once I turned 20 I kinda forgot about you guys to be honest. But I  was OBSESSED. This video just happened to be on my recommend list and I screamed I was like " WTF, no way" Now Im 25 and you guys are still at it. I feel so old right now.

  11. You guys are so funny 😂😂😂

  12. You guys made my day

  13. Cuantos ańos tiene sleepy cholo😂

  14. By: paola l

    everyone comment Erick have to be on david dobrik vloggs gooo or like thes we can meke this happened

  15. By: paola l

    I miss the old videos

  16. By: SotoFFA x

    This friend ship will never end

  17. Margarita pizza no dad 😂

  18. Entoducing

  19. Y’all should do vids together with hotspanish and the broccoli team

  20. Sleepy Brown looks like a Mexican Steve from Blue's Clue's. 😂


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