Why Did I Pay $1200 for a Pair of Headphones? – NYC Ep 5

The orange headphones from Guardians Of The Galaxy are very expensive. In this Episode, I react to dance videos I did in New York City.

Dancing With Strangers – Michael Jackson Mashup https://youtu.be/PQrUyYluzx8
Guardians Of The Galaxy In Real Life https://youtu.be/zE7frH03qU8

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Title: Why Did I Pay $1200 for a Pair of Headphones? – NYC Ep 5

Duration: 8:25

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Added on: February 22nd, 2018

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  1. 671 yo!

  2. What music do you use

  3. Living life on thee Edge! 😎

  4. By: J B

    Why do you have 2 mil subscribers, but only 5% watch your videos?

  5. Great video dude! Keep it up! Just do random things with random people and spread positivity 🙂 love it!

  6. I loved your all dance videos. Specially that Japan video. I always get inspiration to live freely and Happily and I have already told you. I am your biggest fan from India, I think. Awesome video 😊.

  7. By: LANDONx0

    I was actually going to buy them when I first saw the movie, but I didn't know it would've cost so much.

  8. Hey love your vids

  9. By: Uncle Mo

    Love it when they just start dancing with ya. Smiles are always contagious 🙂

  10. why you so over multi talented XD

  11. yikes … dead channel

  12. I see, so gingers are soulless but are rich! Lulll, jk Stuart, seems like it was worth it!

  13. By: Elias

    Like si la tienes grande

    Psdt: Like si no me entendiste :v

  14. Awesome!💎

  15. By: [Deleted]

    the background music is SO BAD PLEASE STOP

  16. I’m still watching

  17. u're awesome stuart ✌️👍
    "subs n like" done

  18. By: [Deleted]

    s tfu

  19. Your awesome

  20. Hi I love your kindness that’s why I like to watch these videos.

  21. By: Libby C

    Yassss notif squadddd❤️😂

  22. Yout videos are dying

  23. First

  24. First

  25. First

  26. 111

  27. First


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