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Little pervert whistles at the hot sexy girls walking by and then blames the people around him.

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Title: Young Pervert whistles at a Sexy Girl Prank

Duration: 1:20

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Added on: February 12th, 2018

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  1. look on the bike ladys face made my day

  2. look on the bike ladys face made my day

  3. Such a sweet lady.

  4. That whistle is fake as fuck!

  5. By: lll lll

    this teeth is a prank

  6. MY LIFE!!

  7. C pas drole

  8. What's making the whistling noise? I dont think holding you hands in that position would make any noise

  9. Does anybody know her name ?

  10. this is why I don't subscribe

  11. By: 陶崑鹏


  12.  love the music and i laughed pretty hard lol

  13. "Hi stranger, could you watch my little boy for a few minutes, I'll BRB." right…

  14. Still, is just one girl, is always the same girl.

  15. By: O-dog

    If you didn't already realize, they have more than one video…

  16. Are you serious? Is just one girl -__-

  17. By: TrU

    this show is fucking fake !! motherfuckers

  18. probs the second one

  19. Lol, you're stupid.

  20. nice…

  21. By: hahahaha

    so fake, justforlaugh is fake I NEED SOME REAL SHIT

  22. By: Ashley

    Biting on 2 fingers doesn't make a whistling sound, however BLOWING between your fingers does.

  23. By: robertha

    never been to Cali? its how Mexican gangsters talk to each other from a distance, 1 finger, 2 finger, whatever it take for the ese's

  24. By: I

    cool story bro

  25. I just saw this on some person's channel and it had over 13 million views. It was downloaded from this video, so it's an exact copy, and it was uploaded 21 months after.

    Anyway, this JFL was really funny, so I was surprised at how many dislike it has. I can only imagine that perhaps the majority of those dislikes come from girls who maybe don't like the pretty lady due to jealousy. Or girls that are annoyed because they get whistled when walking down the street.

    I wonder which one it is.

  26. that is my daaaaaaaaaaad 0:50

  27. actually you can. normal i whistle with one finger. This is exactly how much sense this video is making.

  28. By: aevanism

    pretty woman, lalalallallaa

  29. Whatt?/nooo hes not actually whistling! FAIL!

  30. By: Man Dem

    1:07 epic gulp

  31. By: Kiejung

    well i guess the description is very misleading =/ i only based my comment off of what i read

  32. By: Pilo ST3

    not biting, and I think it is called wolf wistle, maybe I am wrong, but theres a way.

  33. By: Chise37

    The prank is that she isn't sexy.

  34. By: juaxox

    not anywhere.

  35. Where is this country in which people are comfortable leaving their kids with strangers? Not America, I know that.

  36. By:

    What i would've done to the kid: Grab his arm and pull his fingers out of his mouth. I know this is supposed to be funny.

  37. By: desetnik


  38. I wish i could see the boy at 0.40 as victim in all the pranks ahahah. He's a tipical face for this stuff 😀

  39. By: Dekusutaa

    @billmajure You just completely over thought that xD

  40. if it was me i would walk away and leave the brat there

  41. By: Lucas

    That's because it's the cliche form of Wolf-whistling, it was obviously filmed separately as over-implying he was whistling…


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