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People are helping a tourist find her way using her big map. She places it on the hood of a luxury car and excuses herself to use a porta-potty. When the car owner comes back and they lift the map up, there’s a huge splotch of blue paint on the hood!!!

Gags are filmed in Québec. Originality, authenticity and joie de vivre……


Title: Surprise Paint Job on Luxury Car!

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Added on: January 12th, 2018

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  1. He looks like chef graham elliot.. lol

  2. The guy in the hat is just super hot

  3. why not a lamborghini

  4. By: Kellerman

    it is not a luxury car….whatever

  5. By: apexxy

    What's always taped in that guy's ear?

  6. By: apexxy

    The ads ruin the experience. Always have to close them. Would pay for an ad-free experience on YouTube.

  7. •_•. 666

  8. My dad is in it! Yay!!!! :O

  9. I like both cute guys 0:29 and 1:22 hahahaha

  10. By: dnu8

    1:23 Nick Jonas

  11. aiiii caramba!! :)))

  12. By: Vibes

    wrong person to have as a driver… he's none threatening … but still funny

  13. By: JBS89

    That guy in grey is fu**king hot!!!

  14. By: Natpunk8

    at 1:08 I said Dat-Face-Doe :3

  15. By: mori1145


  16. By: excuse me

    everyone said sorry and went home.

  17. I thought it was Khasakstan?

  18. I love it. Thank you to EmC for sharing. God Bless the two of you.☺

  19. Quebec is in canada my goooood god

  20. Umm… Quebec is not part of Africa………..its part of Canada

  21. He meant Africa…comeon…everyone knows that…….

  22. By: arebut69

    1:20 guy is yummy

  23. They didn't replace the car, they washed it

  24. By: mhsable

    c'mon bro , you know better than that

  25. how much money did they spend replacing car. lol jk

  26. By: Amz Vids

    1.27 Oh C'est Pas Vrai

  27. By: R. I

    Wtf are you retarded how is Quebec a part of South Korea?

  28. By: itsally

    go back to school child

  29. Are there laugh tracks in the backround of life in Canada?

  30. By: Dee Her

    I want to see EVERYONE'S reaction at the end. That's the best part 🙁

  31. By: Marcel Lc

    I like it

  32. By: Greys


  33. By: TheOddGod


  34. By: moh10ly

    No one gets angry there? seriously I mean!

  35. oh it takes away my sadness..

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  37. wow


  39. This would be much better if I could here what they were saying! Good video, but annoying fake audience laugh and music. Can u re-upload with proper audio?

  40. marie piere again :D:D:D

  41. By: Feared Nw

    Go Texas 🙂

  42. By: mike hawk

    dont blame him hes obviously from the usa if its not in the usa they dont care, remembering 50 states and their capitols but the rest of the world is to hard to remember.

  43. He was obviously joking..

  44. By: playdrums

    Should have had the owner of the car have a fake boner in his pants for a DOUBLE WHAMMY of a prank!


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