Pottery Breakers

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Pedestrians trying to return a hammer to a pottery maker find the pots breaking everywhere.

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Title: Pottery Breakers

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Added on: February 12th, 2018

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  1. please cut this british crap out, good humour is monthy python

  2. By: arbaz1221

    Canadian ones are the best.

  3. By: Uroboros

    She is hot!

  4. By: Patrik333

    Lack-Of-Enjoyment Man, you are the worst superhero.

  5. uk ones suck balls

  6. wats the name of the girl?

  7. By: dj trixxx

    last guy very very sexy!!

  8. Harry POTTER !!

  9. By: Rahul Roy

    i like dis crue girl… 🙂

  10. By: AR1G3

    0:40 also good!! :p

  11. By: AR1G3

    0:21 LMFAO

  12. @RockBrent I hate 10 year old faggets on youtube

  13. By: RockBrent

    @TehNakedGamer hahahahahahaha!
    your mom

  14. ha ha look at first mans mouth he shocked lol

  15. Only thing good about the Scottish version is Epic Blond Girl.


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