JFL Hidden Camera Pranks & Gags: Money Stuck On Shoe

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Man sleeps on bench with a bill on stuck on his shoe – will anyone dare to take it?

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Title: JFL Hidden Camera Pranks & Gags: Money Stuck On Shoe

Duration: 1:32

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: JustForLaughsTV

Added on: December 5th, 2017

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  1. tumps upp that last man…

  2. By: douro20

    In Thailand stepping on a Baht note is a felony!

  3. 1:25 he is ok ♥

  4. Give me my money back

  5. Last man was like a Boss leaving from an explosion-scene.

  6. It's a British £50 note!

  7. I have a feeling the last guy after doing that he might have gained something even more. Even more of a pay raise.

  8. By: solohoh

    That gal in the red coat is inspiring.

  9. Now that last man had class.

  10. That is good 🙂

  11. It isn't he acts that way because he is rich, rather he is rich because he acts that way.

  12. By: AlexNOSAM

    At least his girlfriend is nice in 1:09 – hope she changes him for better.

  13. Last guy beastly

  14. last one made me smile c:

  15. there are a bunch of greedy son Bs out here.

  16. By: Matthew G

    Just for Laughs founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  17. This is the British edition. In the Canadian version of the prank, everyone returned it except for one.

  18. Canadians?1 Thieves?! Thanks for ruining the internet.

  19. 99% thieves

  20. fuck you cunt respect your masters !

  21. By: HLVision

    Last one : A GENTLEMAN

  22. Most of you comment saying you wouldn't take the money but in reality given half the chance more than 90% of you would take it humans are greedy

  23. Good example last one guy, everybody should be like him!

  24. By: Diana Pat

    The last one was a good man 🙂

  25. By: Ralph T

    It would hav been better if the guy woke up and chase his money

  26. By: Woorbuck

    Canadians such loyal people. hahaha

  27. Same

  28. The last person made my day

  29. 1:17 run dude!

  30. By: NIK WILKS

    These are so addictive

  31. By: nin383

    1:17 Canada at their baddest

  32. £5!!!

  33. By: Vu Le

    wonder what happen after JKF stops those people who took the money 😀

  34. By: KAG

    hes not nice

    hes rich

  35. how much was that? i'm from us


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