Instant Jackhammer Engineer

Good samaritans are in for more than they bargained for when they give a hand to this construction worker.

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Title: Instant Jackhammer Engineer

Duration: 1:50

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Added on: February 11th, 2018

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  1. Weird

  2. omg that guy at 0:40 way to be a pussy let's go to cover his ears and lets his girl continue….

  3. By: Sagn C

    0:40 overreacting.

  4. we thank you

  5. By: Tony SB

    1:30, one of my soccer/football coaches

  6. there is so many of them ^^

  7. this prank can cause severe hearingproblems

  8. 0:45 not as i expected

  9. The man at 1:32 used to be my soccer coach!!!!!!!

  10. 0.40..such men do exist?!

  11. By: New Bun

    0:36 he is close to JFL actor !

  12. Getting payed to troll people, is the best job in the world! 😀

  13. I would lay in floor

  14. By: intruso69

    @hegadem bro, u need professional help…

  15. @hegadem wtf dude??

  16. The guy in denim could handle it

  17. By: ian steve


  18. The woman in red was having such a great time, LOL

  19. @Lawrenbert cover your girls ears wimp

  20. they really should have given hearing protection to the people using the jackhammer during this prank even if it ruined the prank a little. People lose hearing to construction work all the time..

  21. By: omgtkseth

    The guy with the redhead doesnt deserve the redhead! >:(

  22. By: Knugen

    0:47 nice car in the background!

  23. By: et1000100

    idk if you have ever used a jackhammer but i busted steps with it one time and damn that thing was heavy as fuck lol

  24. @Lawrenbert
    And then he gats the hat

  25. 0:52 u'd think he'd know waot to do…….wasnt he on home improvement?

  26. 1:24 he looks good with that hat on.

  27. By: 1412IN

    the guy just leaves if for the girl to handle 0:40

  28. The guys was pissed but calms down wearing the hat ahhaha

  29. By: OTG

    @dernis395 like from n64 super mario

  30. 1:14 You Fuck !

  31. By: dernis395

    Is it me or do i hear YOO in the video every time


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