Horrible Car Crash Prank

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Good Samaritans are asked to help out signalling to drivers around a car that crashed in a terrible accident. Soon, a police officer shows up to ask what the hell they are doing… and to the victims surprise, the upside down car and the portable toilet have completely disappeared!

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Title: Horrible Car Crash Prank

Duration: 1:36

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Added on: February 22nd, 2018

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  1. Hehhee you might think you have gone nuts.

  2. This one is absolutely my favorite!

  3. Literally their BEST prank of all time. The reaction on people's faces is priceless ✨👏🏻

  4. By: aktunav

    One of the best pranks ever…

  5. By: encebo

    You guys really gave it to those poor souls

  6. yea she's right over the……wtf

  7. lol

  8. i like the boy of 1:28 he's so handsome…

  9. I want to hold that flag

  10. super

  11. Haha


  12. I am an indian , thanks for all just for laughs and gags participant

  13. this is a great prank

  14. I have seen ALL the pranks and this is the best one! 🙂

  15. Nadja😍

  16. hhhhhhh loooooool one of the best pranks ever

  17. The best prank channel ever

  18. How do they move the freaking car

  19. That was awesome! Double whammy!

  20. I would enjoy these videos of there were no can lighter

  21. By: Miss E

    i just watched it, because the officer is hot 🙂

  22. Funny stuff.

  23. why would there be a random road worker with no equipment out just standing there? and why no police or tow truck there is also no hurt person or fake body to make it look like a fresh accident.

  24. By: T Newman

    prank level genius! BRAVO, amazing! this is a prank in which every generation from 7-80 year old would laugh so hard!

  25. It would be a milion times better if there was the  original audio.

  26. don't care staged or not still cool :)))

  27. How did they not hear the scraping noise of a metal car being pushed across concrete?

  28. these people are idiots. of course, i wouldn't expect anything less from people who believe in a phony god.

    join fellow atheists at /r/atheism

  29. 1:12 Dat acting. Give him an Oscar, lol.

  30. By: Enclave

    wish they'd let us hear what they are saying, that background music and laughs ruin it.

  31. I wonder how many of them actually had a mental disease. 

  32. At last! A prank that is actually funny!

  33. so staged

  34. By: DJ Blur

    they didnt hear them wheeling a car away behind them?

  35. canned laughter. really?

  36. By: lucell

    1:33 Thiago Motta

  37. People who are dissing Just for laughs need a life. JFL pranks are a classic.

  38. My God, that's amazing.

  39. By: CheeseBon

    id love to hear what they are saying. this is awesome

  40. By: Acren

    Can we get the actual audio from the reactions instead of music and laugh track?

  41. Your welcome, Youtube. Reddit: The Interwebz' Largest Source of Pranks.

  42. By: vxgirxv

    downright hella

  43. Take notes youtube "prankers".

  44. By: Oasis S.


  45. By: Shramir

    Theres no sound, no scenery, but somehow I knew 100% this was in Quebec


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