Explosions! – Best Of Just For Laughs Gags

If you like to blow things up, this one’s for you!!! It’s Dynamite!! You could even say TNT!

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Title: Explosions! – Best Of Just For Laughs Gags

Duration: 8:46

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Category: JustForLaughsTV

Added on: December 6th, 2017

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  1. Rich experment good

  2. By: 최재식


  3. Shoots a tire and the entire engine blows up? This is not Fast and the Furious.

  4. 😁😁😂😂😂

  5. Hey jfl, i want to be on your show! Pull a joke on me please. I'll sign your nondisclosure contract and shut up for my 15 minutes of fame and meagre compensation! maybe if you like my performance I could be like that short squat red headed lady that was pranked and then later was helping pull pranks herself. I love the ideas you come up with however impractical people believe it because they want to, its all good fun.

  6. Soo funny, they're out in the middle of nowhere to get a permit for pyrotechnics and people are still just walking up from somwhere and want to help for some reason. Lol. I also like the impersonating police officers videos, pulling over people out of the public. Lol I could go on and on about child endangerment, Public Safety, setting up dangerous holes to fall into but nothing bad really ever happens. Still a great joke on all of us!

  7. they support the person with the gun to shoot the poor rabbit? :/ horrible

  8. better you don't come across(or try on) any heart patient .becoz they can becoz of such pranks. BTW it was good one for me.

  9. please show reaction of all people after knowing that they're pranked

  10. 7:50 say what the f*ck

  11. Dave Grohl @ 4:47

  12. That last prank , just eat Taco Bell. No explosives needed for that.

  13. gooooood video I like.

  14. this was one of the best videos of just for laugh gags

  15. By: Iam Liaaa

    This is not funny or joke gone wrong

  16. Good idea jokes! I liked this video. Greetings from Galicia!

  17. 03:05 black guy was good.

  18. keep telling myself 1 more and out of battery

  19. By: FrizFroz

    4:52 can't blame the dude for that reaction, I mean… he just witnessed a MUSHROOM CLOUD explosion lol

  20. there all paid actors. the people in the skits even the ordinary supposed everyday folks are paid actors

  21. 5:01 Dave Grohl

  22. By: CptLolles

    6:05 that guy went from "haha nice one" to "how in the…"

  23. By: lasio16

    that's funny but that 'victims' i saw many times the same ones 🙂

  24. By: Elf Owl

    One of the funniest!!!!!!! got a kick out of the lady at 1:42 what a gas!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Beep. MATHEWFRIENDLY.exe has taken over just laugh gags antivirus system. Bleep blop. Zzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyay.

  26. Funny…… Nice to watch it.

  27.  07:50 "What the fuck" I don't know why I found that amusing. Goodnight.

  28. I can't help laughing!!!!


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