Epic Old Man – Kidnapped By Kids

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Kids driving around in a stolen mail truck stop by a park and kidnap an old man minding his own business. Kids these days…

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Title: Epic Old Man – Kidnapped By Kids

Duration: 1:53

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Added on: March 12th, 2018

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  1. More believable in Brasil

  2. nobody help the old man 😂

  3. 😂😂😂😂

  4. Damn! Show me that 0:08 breasty woman again 😂😂

  5. By: ErkutG 07


  6. 1:43 muito boaaa

  7. Увидимся

  8. notice 1:43 man doing very good job for humanity👍👍

  9. Every pedo's dream LOL

  10. By: gegemec

    I have to just say that jokes that happen when someone is not in the "know" are not funny, they exploit a person's vulnerability.

  11. you really think that so many people would just decide to sit on that bench? FAKE!

  12. I see man driving on right at 0:12

  13. "Kidnapped by kids"

    Aren't we all, one day?

  14. Sido pais

  15. That was funny but sad

  16. Wow .. that man got pen and paper .. damn ready huh!!

  17. Wow .. that man got pen and paper .. damn ready huh!!

  18. By: bhp123654

    I love this old man

  19. In Canada, kid kidnaps YOU!

  20. with cameras you idiot!

  21. …then it wouldn't be funny 😉

  22. By: no PULP

    @1:41 best reaction…LOL

  23. 1:40 the only sensible man in the whole video

  24. By: Dat ÃSS

    in a parallel universe

  25. loooool
    elder abuse rofl

  26. 0:19 "what the hell I,ve just seen???"

  27. That one guy was smart
    "pen and paper now copy the license plate. You kids don't know what your in for!!!"

  28. Mail vehicles like that one are mainly RHD (makes it easier to deliver mail as they don't step into traffic) – but on the spur of the moment, public wouldn't realize its LHD. So the real driver is on the Right hand side.

  29. Hell ya, they wont go to prison and they will do it for cheap – give them $10 worth of candy each and they will likely do it.

  30. If this was the other way around…

  31. Kids kidnapping adult is way better than adults kidnapping kids LOL

  32. ahh, hes fine, they prob just want him to fix their Delorean time machine :3

  33. thank you, anti-joke-chicken-man-woman-dog-zebra-or whatever the fuck you are

  34. 1:42 He was writing the Licence Plate Number….

  35. Atleast one guy took down the plate number it looked like

  36. 1:18 The man looks like José mourinho XD

  37. 0:12

  38. So this is why my missus dont get her mail.

  39. No at 0:13 There's a guy on the other side of the car

  40. Is the kid actually driving the car/van???

  41. Jimmy savile

  42. By: Bill Kang

    0:07 big boobs.

  43. 0:13 That dude, "Seems legit."

  44. By: Ben Rowe

    The hypocrisy of it all! I bet these people would all jump to help a kid being kidnapped by old men, but when it's the other way around they just laugh. Disgusting!

  45. By: jon m

    I'll admit this one is funny


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