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Normally, popping champagne is a time for celebration! However, when these people pop bottles, the flying cork kills an innocent bird.

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Title: Deadly Champagne Prank

Duration: 1:38

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Added on: March 13th, 2018

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  1. Poor pigueon

  2. 0:59 Late reaction

  3. By: Dicky key

    well.. people are complaining about a dead bird. while these kind of people also eating beef, chicken, bacon or whatever meat everyday. just shut up okay!

  4. How do they come up with things like that. 👏👏

  5. Stereo love?

  6. I love this women

  7. Please Music name 🙁

  8. By: yady nava


  9. i love your channel new subscriber

  10. 1:18 SEE FOR YOURSELF 😠


  12. I like how she ran and took the champagne

  13. By: FX

    We humanbeing when will be learning to respect other spirits?This was one of the worst gags.

  14. By: Nacho Man

    no pigeons were harmed during the film

  15. By: SMK126


  16. Pigeon deadly haha very very very good

  17. the sound it makes tho! ha

  18. Is that thing Realy dead or is it fake?

  19. Is the bird true?

  20. denis' aim is impressive

  21. Ha ha very funny

  22. Я Русская

  23. By: Fnaf Five

    I hope the people that made this die

  24. now try with dead humans instead of dead birds 😛


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