Blind Man Burned House Prank
Poor blind man asks good Samaritans if they will help him get in a taxi cab and take him home after a long, relaxing vacation in Hawaii. Unfortunately, when he arrives, all he finds is the ruins of his old house, covered in ashes and soot. There must have been a terrible fire when he was away, and everything has been burnt to the ground from the flames! But the…


Title: Blind Man Burned House Prank

Duration: 1:35

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Category: JustForLaughsTV

Added on: November 13th, 2017

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  1. Made me tear up a bit though

  2. Funny , but obviously fake

  3. whoever came up witj idea was brilliant

  4. By: Struwex

    Who would believe this

  5. By: Melon Man

    This is kinda sar

  6. the end part funny😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  7. i laughing too hard because of house has been destroyed when taxi arrives lololol

  8. fake af

  9. Just for laughs Fake?

  10. fire proof chair!!

  11. By: Snowman

    i do luv it

  12. By: 허수인

    This is kinda sad tho

  13. why is there a woman taxi driver?

  14. He made me remember to Mr. Magoo jajaja jajajaja jajajaja totally crazy and great prank!!!!!

  15. The main Comic Actor Star Denis Levasseur is the best…!!!!! jejejejeje so pranker him…!!!!

  16. By: Amzevanz


  17. i wonder what those people said

  18. By: VatiWah

    That is a cute woman taxi driver.

  19. By: broophire

    I wish they would show more reactions at the end!

  20. Wonder how much profit they got from the masses laughing their asses off BECAUSE of these pranks…

  21. They obviously staged it. Everything was 'planted' there

  22. Funny prank ever love it x

  23. By: potato119


  24. (Y)

  25. By: SerhatR1

    amcaaa evin yanmış

  26. By: nuttso

    lol everyones having a hard time trying to explain that the whole house has burnt down to a blind guy 🙂 so funny

  27. By: ryan e

    trollin bro

  28. By: gennkill

    If your blind how did you know what this was about? or did someone explain this to you..?

  29. I could go without all of the fucking whistles…

  30. By: ryan e

    you have no sense of humor cause i've gotten people sayin how can you watch this if your blind blah blah blah

  31. By: Bao Ho

    LOL @ 1:20 Everything is burnt! EVERYTHING!

  32. By: Try A

    You need mental help

  33. By: Windy

    I thought your brain was a duck's bottom… oh wait, your brain IS a duck's bottom o:


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