Beard Lady

Is this an old man dressed in a woman’s suit? Or is it an old woman with an epic long beard? No one knows or cares to ask, they just return the wallet to him or her, and leave this transgender or transsexual or manly woman or womanly man be.

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Title: Beard Lady

Duration: 1:10

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Added on: December 6th, 2017

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  1. By: Sam T

    It should not be man. It should be a real lady.

  2. By: Jon Cook

    it is kind of sad to see people react like this.

  3. conchitas mom?

  4. what is he doing!!

  5. I know him. he is real gay.

  6. OMG ahahh. This is so simple yet they got hilarious reactions lol

  7. ha ha….The lady with the long beard

  8. This is so rude. There are real women out there with beard that long. why make fun of them


  10. HAAA dudes response at 1:00 was PRICELESS! Homegirl dropped the purse and put her hands up LOL but ole buddy a surviver he was about to take off without her xDDD

  11. That is the most real thing i've ever seen

  12. Unbelievable, all of them are afraid of a beard!! Hahahaha…

  13. Nice one, but this doesn't go in the Epic Old Man's playlist -_-


  15. I want only GOLDEN people in this JFL!They are the non racist people….

  16. 0:57 dafuq did I just see

  17. wtf 0:59

  18. By: Miko San

    0:07 I love how he goes AROUND the wallet

  19. By: Egor Tasa

    Where is The Epic Old Man?

  20. this is my fav hahaha :))

  21. @MysTeri0usMatT7 "Shit, it's an undercover cop!"


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