Beer Pong Champion “A True Love Story”

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Title: Beer Pong Champion “A True Love Story”

Duration: 7:47

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Category: JRMun0z

Added on: June 24th, 2014

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  1. By: crystal burg

    “My name is Stephanie.shut up !”

  2. By: machinegunbunny

    nice 6-pack +Mikey Bolts 

  3. By: Mikey Bolts


  4. By: TeyaNekole1

    I’ll slap that ass until it’s fifty shades of red.

  5. By: James Conn

    Lol da end

  6. By: Silvershadow294

    really great love story ! xD

  7. By: Araceli Mena

    I know im stupid but I dont get the ending

  8. By: Willian Rivera

    That we awesome

  9. By: Sally Moghrabi


  10. By: crunkin4me

    I like the irony of little Josh slapping Jorge in the face while he’s
    wearing his ‘I’ll slap that ass ’til it’s fifty shades of red’ shirt, LoL.

  11. By: Ky_kharise

    I couldn’t even finish watching this video cuz I had to go to the hospital
    cuz my gut bust from laughing so dang hard hahahahah…….Monica had me
    rolling …oh sorry (Stephine) 

  12. By: belaluvsyou

    Does that website really work? I need to buy my books lol

  13. By: RadyoMusic okay got it! haha

  14. By: Zman Wolf


  15. By: NiceTryJoey


  16. By: 406apb

    Omg lmaoo the slaps hhad me dying hahHaa

  17. By: JRMun0z

    My face still hurts from all the bitch slaps I received… 

  18. By: Monica Munoz

    I guess I stay with Josh ? >.<

  19. By: dwayne stewart

    I liked the plug. That was hilarious! 

  20. By: Rachael Lewis

    Love it! 😀 x


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