VLOG 148: It’s Okay to Disagree!

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Title: VLOG 148: It’s Okay to Disagree!

Duration: 3:15

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Category: DavidSoComedy

Added on: April 12th, 2015

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  1. By: Viet Lee

    Some people don’t understand that people can have different ideals and
    preferences, then act aggressive because their comfort zones are threaten.
    I remember one of my most intensive debates was over something stupid, it
    was about what was the best out of the three; yams, carrots, or potatoes.
    Long story short; I won the debate and there a prostitute buried in the
    back yard. Potatoes Rule!

  2. By: Peaches Boo

    David So

  3. By: Wesley Remy

    i dont think its okay to disagree

  4. By: Niomi Bedingfield

    xD I have those on here to where we’ll disagree with everything but can
    still get along. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY. xD

  5. By: Cianna Perez

    David you are one of the funniest people on YouTube.


  6. By: DavidSoComedy

  7. By: Tou Vang

    Happy birthday?

  8. By: MrNotThatFamous

    sometimes i disagree with people just to see how they would handle a
    situation, gotta weed out the crazies.

  9. By: Michael Sarkis

    That last clips tho

  10. By: xochilt escalante

    I luv yew


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