FFF 25: Positive reinforcement!

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Title: FFF 25: Positive reinforcement!

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Added on: April 5th, 2015

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  1. By: Michael Robert

    Ayy David your awesome but ive been trying to go on your clothing website
    go for broke but it doesn’t work and I tried on lots of computers and
    phones but it still doesn’t work??

  2. By: gokucrazy22

    tbh i failed. I gained weight from being unable to go to the gym and go
    outside (snow and school are evil)

  3. By: Dildo Space Ranger

    Sometimes I really get motivated to work out but then I remember the ice
    cream in the freezer

  4. By: SpyderGiant

    My FFF journey- I’ve lost 55lbs in 5 months without stepping a foot inside
    a gym. Personally so far, I’ve just changed my eating habits and walk 3
    miles a day. Doing this for me and no one else. Setting good examples for
    my 2 daughters. Keep it up David

  5. By: Cc B.A

    Can you do an episode that can help people learning Korean? Right now I am
    studying Korean and trying to learn the language. But it’s very hard to
    stay on track because I’m 13 and have a lot of things to do during the day
    like volleyball and homework. So could you give some tips to help stay on

  6. By: Courtney Michelle

    David, you are SOOO FREAKING COOL and CUTEE! lol! I Everything that you’ve
    said is such an inspiration to me and I want to say THANK YOU! :
    )…Loosing weight is REALLY HARD but I’ve been taking it one day at a
    time! Since I recently sprained my ankle, I’ve just been learning to eat
    better, mentally learning that I don’t need to eat very much just to get
    full and doing small exercises to start off with! But anyway, keep up with
    everything that you’re doing! You’re doing INCREDIBLEE! ; )

  7. By: Noah Santos

    David why do you always put the word “gullible” in the description? 

  8. By: DavidSoComedy


  9. By: Gokuflex

    LOL real talk brotha. Kill it on your journey! 

  10. By: Synthiya B

    What?? Can’t believe it’s been a year wow 


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