Wish I Had a Portal Gun

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Hopefully they’ll make a Portal 3 so this song can be in the ending credits.

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Title: Wish I Had a Portal Gun

Duration: 2:15

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: February 11th, 2018

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  1. Neither of those I would do if I had a portal gun.
    I'll put a blue portal on the moon and an orange one in the white house.

    Or I could put a portal to the moon and put a portal to the sun.
    Dunno what would happen,but,history happens.

  2. By: 9nikolai

    What if, bear with me on this one, you could make pants of moonstone and make smaller portals on them. Imagine the people having sex all the time without anyone knowing :L

  3. Now ur coming with portals

  4. This music has the 1st place on my best raps ever play list

  5. Robbing banks made easier

  6. By: tardis35

    It sounded like it had the lonely island singing

  7. This voice sounds like a younger Rick Sanchez

  8. 2018? no? probably not. ok. see ya.

  9. I wish I didn't have a portal gun

  10. I love this song

  11. I wish a has a portal and half life 3 :"v

  12. 1.5x speed LOL

  13. Lol dorkly

  14. AWESOME!!!

  15. I would use it for space travel but whatever

  16. 4000 people don't wish they had a portal gun

  17. I know all these refrences

  18. If you could place a portal on any surface I would place one on my friends stomach and one below em…

  19. wait but the end says dorkly

  20. I was wondering if I could suck my dick with a portal gun.

  21. If someone had been given the choice to have it or not who would say no

  22. do 1.25 speed. You will thank me later (or If that sucked, put it on loop and play a game on normal, 1 speed. not 1.25)

  23. I'd be traveling like a Maverick crashing down like Logan too

  24. What's with all the comments about needing a white surface to place the portals on. You don't need that. Here's why: a portal gun does not exist so therefore we can only talk about it in a fantasy world where anything is possible. Including the possibility of placing portals anywhere. The only reason the game limits you to white surfaces is for balancing. Therefore I do wish I had a portal gun.

  25. I bet most of the dislikes are because he said maverick from Logan paul


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