Um, Actually: the Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Ep. 5)

The game show that takes all of that completely useless information you have in your head and makes it kinda sorta a little bit useful, for a short period of time.

Um, Actually — Introducing a game show of fandom minutiae one-upmanship, where nerds do what nerds do best: flaunt encyclopedic nerd knowledge at Millennium Falcon nerd-speed.

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Title: Um, Actually: the Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Ep. 5)

Duration: 9:17

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Added on: January 12th, 2018

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  1. Um, actually Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General, not a senator.

  2. um, actually, slytherin is not just the assholes: it’s the house of ambition and was merlin’s house.

  3. By: game cat

    hey, can you guys make another one of these? (also, I am a huuuge nerd, knew all of the answers in all the videos, and would love to be in one)

  4. I really wished that Adam hosted this…

  5. The Harry Potter question was way too easy

  6. This comment section is filled with triggered Harry Potter fans over the Slytherin diss XD

  7. IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!

  8. is this scripted or not i cant rlly tell

  9. This is my favorite video series on CH. Good job guys🌠

  10. By: Just Mike

    Um, actually Merlin him self was a Slytherin.

  11. I find this so funny

  12. Um actually not mangoes it's wumpa fruit

  13. By: Koda

    Um actually Jar Jar Binks was appointed to the senate by Padme when she and Anakin left for Naboo and eventually Tatooine when she was the target of an assassination attempt

  14. By: -_ A :o

    That diss to fraternities made my life lmao

  15. Um excuse me I'm in Slytherin you primpy Gryffindor assholes

  16. This needs to be a board game, like "A Million Dollars But…", Or " Cards Against Humanity".

  17. Ummm actually Jar Jar wasn’t elected, he was Amadalas assistant senator and served in her stead during her absence. Additionally Slytherin is not just the baddies, the great Merlin himself was a Slytherin

  18. I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!

  19. I love these!

  20. i think this was the last video with zac…..

  21. Um, Actually Slughorn is slytherin. And slytherin are really cool. Get yo facts straight

  22. By: Megan

    Um Actually it's WUMPA FRUIT!

  23. I felt like such a fucking nerd when I saw the magic card and knew the answer

  24. Um actually this is the best show

  25. The jeff sessions diss was 👌

  26. By: Jayreuts3

    Umm actually, you guys gotta get on selling this as a party game. I would have had the main game and all the expansion packs by now. Get the kickstarter going and take my money.

  27. I honestly home this becomes a show that gets picked up someday.
    This is some good sh8

  28. how much ikea could you put in one room!

  29. By: manoneaud

    Um, actually they're called death eaters not "henchmen" you uncultured swine!

  30. I fucking love this show.

  31. I WANT THIS GAME AS A BOARD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Just a side thing, not a correction, but they made Slytherin for malevolent people, and I think to appease Salazar S.

  33. Um, actually; while The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe was written first, the correct sequence for The Chronicles of Narnia starts with The Magician's Nephew.

  34. Watched so much of their videos that im not sure if theyre doing a sketch in this video or this is real. Theyre just that good

  35. By: nadraksan

    Um, actually… George did not win 1 point because he didn't write "um actually".

  36. Um… actually slitherin is not a bunch of assholes

  37. siobhan's hair looks like pierce's dad's ivory hair in community

  38. Um actually, make this a real fucking game

  39. By: name

    Um actually: you should have mentioned the disagreements about the deathly hallows with the last video in the last seconds of this video. – just saying.

  40. Oh man, I was in 5th grade and arguing about the order to read the Narnia books with a friend. I was for story chronological.

  41. Her hair pisses me off


  43. Just a thought: there is a theory out there that jar jar is a sith & he cast the tie breaking vote to give palpatine emergency powers? It’s all starting to make sense!!

  44. Um, Actually
    In Slytherin being an ass is not one of their traits. They are ambitious, cunning and smart. It's like how there are cowards in Gryffindor.


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