Trump’s Brilliant Strategy

The guy who has trouble reading has us in the palm of his hand!

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Mike Trapp
Katie Marovitch
Grant O’Brien

Director – Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer – Mike Trapp
Producer – Shane Crown


Title: Trump’s Brilliant Strategy

Duration: 2:28

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: December 7th, 2017

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  1. How can u possibly OVERESTIMATE Trump?

  2. Why don’t you run for president

  3. Why did i laugh

  4. Trump is clever. He fooled all you liberals and liberal media. He let you think that he would be friend with Putin so the distracted hoax of collusion with Russia would be investigated and now it sums up. Hillary and Obama made the Uranium deal. Lol. A lot of subpeonas is now served to the CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS It's better than fiction. Drain the Swamp!

  5. By: Appiverse

    Stop yelling at me.

  6. F A K E N E W S

  7. By: DJ pigeon

    i dont like muslims

  8. Wow whitewashing a orange person unsubbing

  9. This is one of my favorite
    channels,but everytime you bash my boy trump i wanna stab youse in the throat😂😂

  10. Trapp is trump

  11. Hanlon's Razor – Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

  12. Lol he'll get re-elected too while I put my dick in katies mouth

  13. this inst even funny back in the day college humor was pretty awesome and funny but seriously now they are just jumping on the political trump thing like every one else you used to be original what happen

  14. triggered THATS ORANGE FACE

  15. Wow, this video makes fun of Trump and his haters. Bravo CollegeHumor. Bravo.

  16. This was funnier than I thought it would be

  17. Now that is how you do comedy in a politically divided nation

  18. Trumps super smart that's why he's super rich

  19. One of the best college humor sketch’s

  20. By: Aggro Eel

    "What's going on with Russia… Nothing"

  21. When she mentioned "Hari Seldon" I was like, "wait, I know that name. How do I know that name." Then I remember…FOUNDATION. Holy shit, they made a Foundation reference!

  22. I really want to see the outtakes

  23. Pretty accurate

  24. By: petden0

    That's not how drinking works.

  25. Katie is actually not the crazy person for once. That's actually something new.

  26. Whithout the left side of the video and the audio this would be extremely strange.

  27. This video was actually all part of Collegehumor's plan to weave out all the Trump supporting fools.

    Collegehumor is always one step ahead of us guys. This entire video was to distract us from their plans to take down the world. We have to be careful.

  28. By: Proto L

    Where did you get all that footage from inside the White House?

  29. Well that's one way to list off everything worrying about trump 😂

  30. By: Mallami

    Im a simplr man, I see a mention to asimov I upvote

  31. That was a legit nose-soda-snort. Takes dedication.

  32. At the start grant's book was upside down

  33. wow Trapp u nailed Trump right

  34. By: HKOlaura

    Thumbs up for the Asimov reference 🙂

  35. Wait, I thought Katie was the one on cocaine. Was that a distraction from Grant's addiction too?

  36. Not gonna lie, this was awesome

  37. I mean you guys aren't even relevant anymore so…….


  39. This dude is a idiot
    Common core is proven to be a failure anyway
    And trump hate Islam not muslims

  40. NEVER snort soda.

  41. By: DragonFox

    As a fox, I take offense…

    jk its 2017 people only get triggered about real stuff.

    like feminism

  42. I'm not sure who we're making fun of, but I like it!


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