The Real Reason Taxes Suck (And Why They Don’t Have To)

Even Reagan and Obama would have agreed that filing your taxes should be easier…So why isn’t it? Watch an all-new @Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C! #AdamRuinsEverything

Adam Ruins Everything – Adam Conover, CollegeHumor’s resident know-it-all and major bummer, takes on society’s biggest misconceptions.

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Title: The Real Reason Taxes Suck (And Why They Don’t Have To)

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Added on: November 14th, 2017

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  1. The price of getting tags and license plates for cars is theft. I have to pay $700 for my 2014. Just because I have a newer car doesn't mean I can afford a more costly bill. Why the price increases makes no sense

  2. Just look at all these mindless ideologues screaming about how any tax is thievery…

    No wonder America is a total dumpster fire. I’m only surprised at how bad it is really.

    Abandon all hope, ye who settle there.

  3. Wow this is me

  4. (After hearing all this)

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  5. I've been saying this for years! I didn't know it had a name (return-free filing)

  6. It’s not actually free, they still need to pay qualified accountants to do it for you. Nothing is ever free

  7. So the solution is…? And the easy way to fix this is..? Where's the link i click to sign a petition and email my congressman? Oh RIGHT this show just complains and doesn't actually fix anything.

  8. This is a misleading title

  9. So the government is ruining everything again? Taxation is theft

  10. By: ayitian1

    From these videos alone, how does any American not feel angry when people make their lives harder so they can make a living? America is the land of idiots ! Everyone of these videos shows how this country is being manipulated and how people choose willful ignorance.

  11. Here is a really fucked up fact most countries are ether doing the way America does taxes or changing to the way America does taxes in fact the biggest county that has the government doing their taxes is Britten and only the government know how much everyone makes and only the government knows what they take out of its citizens money from taxes in fact the government get peoples money takes taxes out and then gives its people the money from their jobs.  Say you work for Mc Donalds, the government gets all the income and sends it to the people's banks and you don't have a choice in the matter you get paid by the government not the company.

  12. Actually you flat out lied on this episode yes other countries have the government do it but its not free at all in fact they take a chunk out of your money you don't know how much nor will you know because well America actually has the best way to do it.  Yes you pay to get your taxes done but its cheaper than not knowing anything about how much you are actually paying them plus if the government actually did do your taxes they would have to hire the same companies to do the taxes and most likely more people to do everyone's taxes costing the government hundreds of times more money to do them and thousands of hours and would make taxes late and would actually cause the government to instantly make a emergency law charging for them to do the taxes in which would cause the people more anger and you would instantly suffer.

  13. By: Hollow114

    They don't do Return Fee Filing because their taxes are an interest free loan.

  14. Now I like taxes even more -_-

  15. As an European I honestly don't get Americans.

  16. I like how this show likes to point the blame at corporations that lobby the government rather than the fact that they can lobby (aka bribe) the government at all.

  17. ahem ROAD TAXES

  18. You know… taxes would be easier if our tax code was only a few pages or just several hundred and not about 75,000 PAGES!!! We need a freaking simpler tax plan and that's something I agree with republicans on.

  19. Return free filing is the default way of doing taxes in my country at least. Once a year the gov sends me a piece of paper that shows how much I've earned and how much taxes I've paid and all I have to do is sign it. I sign it online so it takes about five seconds and costs me nothing.

  20. This shows how bad the US government is

  21. Except h and r is free

  22. hey adam, go ruin something in another country.

  23. I can say this has to be a lie Obama helping the country yah sure

  24. Why they do this to my parents?! I'm glad I don't have to do taxes cause I'm just 14, but man these guys suck! I don't ever wanna deal with this in my future!

  25. By: Joe Chief

    In Australia employers withhold your income tax and pay it automatically. For the bulk of people that means that filing a tax return yields a refund from the Australian Taxation Office (= IRS), assuming the large majority of your income is from your primary job. It's not as good as return free filing for paperwork but it does mean that in the majority of cases the ATO doesn't care if you file late or even at all because they get paid either way, and it means that you write off that part of your income going in and get some of it back as a lovely bonus.

  26. Cash Rules Everything Around Me. C.R.E.A.M.

  27. In the united states you do not have to pay any tax. There is no federal law that states taxes have to be paid. A man challenged the government on this and won the case as they would not produce the law for him (as the law does not exist). See Bill Thorton youtube vids for information on common law and strategies for getting the law on your side

  28. Taxes suck, Texas rule?

  29. By: some one

    What?? In the USA you have to pay for the tax software?? Really??
    Here in Brazil you just download it for free from Receita Federal (our IRS) site.

  30. Or we could just have a flat tax of 10%

  31. By: Katrina L

    So, open source tax management software? Anyone?

  32. may god damn the u.s.a.

  33. lol, here in Canada I just do my taxes online for free.

  34. Lobbying ruins everything. Ugh.

  35. By: LforLight

    One of the several ways America is simply backwards.

  36. Wow our government sucks all around. Sweet.

  37. By: Dean Weir

    I like how his views are consistent and hates lobbyists of all kind and not just the rich

  38. hey writers of Adam Ruines, can you make a sketch on anarchism aka country without tax. is taxless govt. possible?

  39. So in summary, the government doesn't want to calculate how you much you need pay. Instead freefile alliance do your calculation for you and tries their best to not to make you calculate yourself.
    Am I right?

  40. The only time that lobbying is illegal is when a group or organization that has a 501c3, or other charity bill that makes them exempt from paying taxes, and lobbies.

    Since they do not pay taxes and, with the 501c3 (I dont know if any others have this clause), it specifically States that if you hold it for your group, you cant have any political involvement.

    these groups still do it anyways, they just get sneakier and bend the loopholes as much as possible, like donating a large sum of money to the politicians charity of choice, donating to campaign funds, etc.

    *in sarcastic voice*
    Just goes to show you how great our country is actually ran! 👍

    it also shows why I've wanted to move to Canada for so long, thanks "democracy"👏👏👏

  41. Did you really have to “ruin” taxes. Who enjoys that anyway?

  42. Our country is owned by big businesses. Capitalism is a cancer on society

  43. This is why corporate lobbying should be illegal.

  44. Barack Obama truly wanted to make America great, But the republican lobbyist are in it for them self.


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