Skateboarding is a Crime (with Tony Hawk)

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Objection! Witness is grinding the jury box.

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Title: Skateboarding is a Crime (with Tony Hawk)

Duration: 3:21

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: January 12th, 2018

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  1. When the same side brings up Bible and dinosaurs at the same time.

  2. Why do I get the feeling that this video was just made to hate on Christians?


  4. Let me catch some punk a** b** telling me something like that

  5. Scooter kids getting in your way at the skatepark should be a crime

  6. The title triggers me

  7. This shows how SOME chrstians can be over reactive.

  8. Is this making fun of all those people who go out of there way to abuse and call the cops on skateboarders? Cuz I totally get it

  9. thrasher

  10. By: INCOOM13

    I guess collegehumor either lost money.
    Or there were some limitations placed onto them where they couldn't do some of the things they want.

  11. I'm a skateboarder, and I love this😂😂

  12. Scootering is gay

  13. With all do respect to Tony Hawk… Save a Tree, ride a scooter. IG: @jam._.scootz

  14. "Laaaammmeeeeee"-Tony Hawk,2012

  15. Religion is corruption

  16. implying that southern court would find the assassination of Lincoln to be a bad thing

  17. Hey at least it wasn’t a “hover board”


  19. Fairly sure that dinosours didnt exist according to allabama

  20. By: Conrad ?

    what about bicycles ?

  21. By: Okie 2213

    What it feels like when your trying to trick on a spot and everybody gangs up on you


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