Planet Earth Is Reading Too Far Into These Animals

David Attenborough seems insistent that he knows EXACTLY why animals are doing everything they’re doing in Planet Earth II. Maybe they’re just animals, Dave.



Title: Planet Earth Is Reading Too Far Into These Animals

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  1. By: Ellyn N

    This is so true it's ridiculous

  2. By: Dr Cringe

    Who else did what that girl told us?

  3. Is CollegeHumor funny again?

  4. Id love if this was narrated in one of Katy's alter ego voices

  5. That was fucking funny

  6. THAZT way too fast for a sloth

  7. You know I’d actually watch that movie if it was like this

  8. Did they change the title of this video?

  9. By: J. Lewis

    I would watch this as an hour long feature

  10. By: Dan Tran

    F*ck this guy, next

  11. By: Alexander

    im crying

  12. Reminds me of sir David Attenborough.

  13. The lizards are basically draco malfoy and harry potter

  14. This is EXACTLY the type of American crap you get on the Discovery channel…. NOT Planet Earth!!

  15. By: Gassile

    Why are all the good-ones gay

  16. You do know humans are just animals

  17. this made me laugh… way too much

  18. This needs to be a series

  19. Dislike for dissing on potter 😂

  20. I want an entire nature docu dubbed like this

  21. That fox is so fluffy, I want a stuffed animal looks like it <3

  22. All animal documentaries should be voiced like this

  23. "FUC# this guy…"

  24. I need more of this, make a series out of this

  25. To be fair the reason why nature documentaries push the limit on anthropomorphize narration of behavior of animals is because this has been shown to promote more empathy from people watching and if people feel more empathetic to an animal(s) they are more likely to support conservation efforts in the future.

  26. Round Planet already did this… google it.

  27. I kept a straight face until, "His Myers Briggs Personality is ISFJ."

  28. "why are all the good ones gay?" that made me laugh alot

  29. "Hey Mark, you're lucky I don't a piece of paper. You stupid tiny pencil." XDDD

  30. By: Benos04

    this is too funy

  31. F*CK this guy, next!

  32. How does being gay is something to be proud of while being straight is something to be persecuted


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