Osama Night Live

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Title: Osama Night Live

Duration: 56

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Category: collegehumor

Added on: April 15th, 2018

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  1. Lol. I find it funny that a few writers from collegehumor went to work for snl and jimmy Fallon as writers

  2. FUck you osama

  3. By: Æbdullah


  4. derp


  6. I dont give a fuck but Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.

  7. Snl is boring now

  8. By: Yyyyzyyy

    That one guy is smoking a match.

  9. By: YLLA

    flaffel good one guys 😉 shit made me laugh although am arab muahaha

  10. When I was a kid I thought all these shows were funny, when I grew up I realized that they weren't. They were funny because they were different from all the lame same cartoons.

  11. madtv does not suck you bitches

  12. Goddamn terrorists. Snl is fucking hirlarious

  13. By: Cafaling

    Don't look at this as a pro-terrorist statement, but this video makes Osama nearly seem normal, NEARLY

  14. wow even the cocaine didnt make snl funny

  15. @bikerboomer check the upload date >.>

  16. 0:45. does anyone else notice the M4 on the wall…. wtf

  17. By: Seymour O

    @cooltv4 learn to use ur theirs theres and they'res.

  18. @bikerboomer not really. its hilarious

  19. By: tk075

    @fenrirtwo mmmmmm Falafel… -drool-

  20. Thumbs up if you are whatching this because osama is dead

  21. He is alive.

  22. By: Fleija

    He's dead.


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