Official Spoiler Rules

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The stars of your favorite TV shows teach you how not to ruin them for your friends.

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Title: Official Spoiler Rules

Duration: 2:39

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: June 13th, 2018

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  1. I like spoilers. With the shite finales long/cancelled series tend to put. I had rather know the end before.

  2. Maid Oka used to play on Hawaii Five-O it’s like 1 year old so it’s ok for me to say this

  3. It sucked when Darla died in Angel!

  4. What about video games and books?

  5. By: Kayla B

    If you qualify a question you ask a friends with "and I'm only up to season 2", it's reasonable to expect them to put in an effort about avoiding spoilers. Post the same question online, and it's 50/50 between people being considerate and putting up a neon sign for trolls.

  6. By: K. L.

    That's… not mandarin.

  7. Spoiler alert: 2 of these actors are surprisingly bad at talking in front of a camera

  8. Han Solo dies

  9. I heard what he said during the movie theater scene where he said Mandarin was OK that's not Mandren because I speak it

  10. How long do I have to wait to spoil a video game?

  11. Where do they get the money to hire these actors for skits?

  12. By: Ceduria

    I swear nowadays people avoid watching the ending of a film/reading a book altogether just to avoid spoilers.

  13. i thgot she was julia ann

  14. I miss heros 😭

  15. Spoiler alert: You can read.

  16. 'I mean I can't believe you're character…' dies. She dies. She's killed by the Trinity killer in a bathtub, Dexter comes home to find his son in the blood…. 'born in blood', just like him. Sends him down a spiral of depression, he tries to care for the kids, by Aster goes all dmi and leaves. Shit gets bad. Wonder how many lives I just ruined😀. Great series though 👍

  17. Did anyone else notice Milana Vayntrub from the AT&T commercials was in this?

  18. By: mamaood

    What about spoiler etiquette for movies??

  19. She from twd?

  20. Walter White dies alone and sad at the end of Breaking Bad.

  21. Ehehe I'm gonna be a spoiler. We are all gonna die eventually. I just spoiled life. Hahahaha. ahahahahaha. MWAHAHAHHA

  22. By: dom 719

    was he cooking bread on the grill

  23. By: J S

    hiro from heroes in in the beginning

  24. The Earth is actually round! 😝

  25. It would be nice if you followed your own rules… I'm looking at you "the danger of running into friends"

  26. What did the girl in the back say in pig Latin? Something about someone dying. If she said James, I get it, but it didn't sound like it.

  27. By: Roma X


  28. 666 thousand views XD

  29. By: Spicy

    Hiro! He's my favourite character!

  30. By: G Nk

    Spoiler Alert

    in two years College humor becomes buzzfeed junior.

  31. Spoiler alert: this is a comment.

  32. there's a spanish subtitled version?

  33. By: Kati e

    Omg Bodyguard is in this video.

  34. By: Ja. L

    OH SHIT is that Dexter's wife? she died in season 3

  35. 2:13 Lori? from the walking dead plz fuck off no-one likes you thank god you died giving birth to Judith bitch

  36. No. Fuck. You get a couple days after an episode and two weeks after a movie. Not going to sit here and hold out on discussing a movie or episode on social media because they can't find time for it.

  37. spoiler alert… Bruce Wayne is Batman

  38. This reminds me of that one yo-kai from yo-kai watch that goes around spoiling movies for people. Yo-kai watch is weird.

  39. John doesn't really die at the end.

  40. I had star wars 7 spoiled

  41. By: Trey Karz

    Captain America dies in Civil War

  42. What the fuck was that mandarin.


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