Jake and Amir: Winter Coat

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Title: Jake and Amir: Winter Coat

Duration: 2:

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Category: collegehumor

Added on: May 15th, 2018

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  1. I love how Amir puts Jake in a situation where he has to feel like a dick kind of even though he's completely Justified like saying

  2. Dates? Haha. Heh well whaydyaknow it doesn't make sense continuity wise maybe it's just a need for family attraction but amir could be gay. Progressive. WAIT! He is gay! That's why he brought up the gay joke which Jake thought was a joke when it really wasn't.

  3. he ganked that jacket

  4. I would definitely do this no problem. The jackets I like are usually $1000

  5. By: Lucy Hunt

    Ripped of Seinfeld

  6. By: Lucy Hunt

    360p goodness

  7. By: dv4manu

    Jake actually looks really good in that jacket, he should pay amir back.

  8. Seinfeld episode right here

  9. The hardest part of roller blading is …the jumps.

  10. Amir stole it because he didn't want to spend a bad amount of money on it.

  11. That IS a nice jacket though.

  12. By: Scr uffs

    Lol it's already bad enough and then of course they had to throw in that he stole the jacket lmaoooo

  13. Amir <3

  14. I love amir

  15. "I didn't buy the jacket because it was too expensive" Jake. You didn't buy the jacket. Don't take credit. Buttfucker…

  16. By: Qdog145

    The phrase is actually kinda goes "we have, Houston problem here"

  17. By: Libx920


  18. It's neither of those.

  19. asdfghjkl

  20. By: kdt


  21. By: Libx920

    i was making a joke. you ruined it.

  22. By: Lotus

    just stating the facts now why don't you go back to pre school 🙂

  23. By: Libx920

    shut up

  24. By: Lotus

    actually its Houston. We have a problem.

  25. By: Icedrop

    Wrong-o! "Houston, problemas, we haz them"


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