Jake and Amir: Powder

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Title: Jake and Amir: Powder

Duration: 1:48

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: May 14th, 2018

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  1. None of your videos make sense, lol

  2. Play the part where Amir powders his face at x2 speed

  3. By: Amy LR

    "I didn't do that"

  4. Error 404: dad not found

  5. Even though they’re talking about Amir being insane, I love the camaraderie between them in the opening exchange, it’s like they’re best friends.

  6. This is possibly the best episode ever.

  7. Can someone please compile all of the Jake and Amir episodes where Amir makes a comment about his dad moving

  8. Men can wear makeup, Jake!

  9. I'm surprised Amir's dad could move so much with his tiny, spindly little legs.

  10. By: i dunno

    'he friggin MOVED' & 'mickey' are the funniest running jokes in jake and amir :")

  11. So he had a bad rash from too many Brazilian that his dad moved????

  12. Amir is hilarious.

  13. By: Doc Spock

    at the shit part my dad came in and thought it was porn, he was so ashamed he frickn moved!

  14. yeah he fricken moved

  15. I love this one. I laughed so hard that my dad moved.

  16. Hahahahah why have I not seen this one yet?

  17. By: dedacadeb

    lol he stood up with the kind of confidence you only get when you're absolutely sure there isn't shit on the back of your khakis xD

  18. By: 4478nick

    to me, this is the ultimate jake and amir episode.

  19. Jake should have used that line in the Vest episode.

  20. Your Dad ganged up on you so hard, he moved

  21. Guess what? My dad hated me so much he frickin moved!

  22. This is 2011 I think Jake should have been more forward thinking on gender stereotypes, especially considering he is the one with the sane head.

  23. Pretty sure Jake's first line should have been "subway wasn't running THAT day" not "today", otherwise, the rest didn't make sense.

  24. 597 people were on that subway

  25. Damn amir.. BAD YOOOOUUU!!!

  26. By: Ollieh


  27. By: Laytho2

    Um Jake guys can where make-up you sexist, just about every guy in a hollywood movie ever wears make up.

  28. "That's not…nope…that doesn't fix it" XD

  29. He frickin moved!

  30. hahahaha man the last line gets me every time

  31. wait a sec is this all true

  32. Jakes woodwork book

  33. By: Roland A

    Sorry, your father ganged up on you so hard that he moved?
    That killed.

  34. If this comment gets one more up-vote Amir's dad will move…

  35. By: ANTx II

    wow, Amir's dad moved a lot.

  36. hahahahahaahhahabh

  37. I love how there's a random guy on the back sleeping behind Amir! Hahahahahaha

  38. Beefs his pants.

  39. By: MrQirat

    Does Amir follow his dad after awhile, or is his dad progressively moving further away with each move?

  40. no, he cries sometimes. but only tears of soy.

  41. he cries tears of soy

  42. if amirs dad has that much money he should fix his spindly legs

  43. dont need to.

  44. From the guy who himself XD

  45. Wut does moved mean

  46. Krusty the clown? No, when?

  47. Bench Woodwork


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