If People Asked For Raises in Relationships

If only it were that easy. (Sponsored by ABC Family)

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Title: If People Asked For Raises in Relationships

Duration: 2:30

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: November 13th, 2017

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  1. This hits to close to home…

  2. just noticed this dude looks like richard spencer

  3. I want a boyfriend that I can have a joke conversation like this with

  4. By: Aaron C

    That dude is so cute.

  5. I miss siobhan 😢😢😢

  6. I think this is fucking genius.

  7. By: Alexia Tr

    Actually it seems like a good way to handle relationships

  8. By: dfgdfg

    Katie isn't doing cocaine in this scene. Ding!

  9. …that's not a raise, that's a promotion. Well, it's more like vying for a permanent contract from a temp position, but say promotion. Who names these? Can them and hire me, I've got experience with nomenclature.

  10. By: callawak2

    One of the best ones I have seen online in a good while.

  11. quick question!
    is it possible for them to upload two videos? one of them being censored…
    so that they will be shown depending on the user's age

  12. This is literally how my brother and sister in law treated everything though 😂 except her dad was the CEO.

  13. Her accent… love it:)

  14. Savage!!!!!boss's!!!!

  15. He's cute.

  16. Women already do this though.

  17. By: Brand X

    I hope he remembers that she just admitted she needs lots of sex, since before he wasn't giving her enough. :p

  18. she can get the business

  19. this is my life

  20. She looks gorgeous in this

  21. That was the most forced looking hug I've ever seen.

  22. Siobhan is so attactive. I love her accent.

  23. whew

    does THAT shit bring back memories….

  24. Sounds like a conversation Sheldon and Amy would have in Big Bang Theory 😂😂😂😂

  25. This sounds similar to a promotion.

  26. if you dont like the channel dont watch it…

  27. By: _ _

    I thought that that said raisins

  28. Yaaay! Katy!)

    Yes people DO do things like this… Us weird cool ones!)))

    HahaaaAwww!… Would like to have been "Mark".

  29. I think Mark is the lucky one. Free sex with no obligations? He'll just return to the temp agency and find new work.

  30. why would she take that last call in front of our guy? this is so unrealistic. relationships are all smash and grab anyway.

  31. I don't understand when people date for months without it being a thing. I'd ve cery concerned if I wasdating someone for mo ths and they didn't consider me rheir girlfriend. You know each other well enough to know whether or not you like the person by that point – if you're not going to stay with them, what are you doing?

  32. By: Visuiable

    Or you could negotiate better and be prepared to walk…make them counter offer…and go in with your options prepared…

  33. By: natkatmac

    This is… legit what these types of 'ready for the next level' talks sound like to me.
    Relationships are compromise, business is compromise; It's all about negotiation.

  34. Siobhan, I want to marry your sense of humor. Not your emotional baggage, your off-camera antics, your political views and your socio-economic background. Just your sense of humor, and your quirky mannerisms. Is that alright?

  35. By: Paige

    i first read it as raisins

    yet i still clicked

  36. By: Luke Ryba

    HAS BEEN past tense! she's not cheating anymore you have done your job.

  37. Can we talk about the ad for Sing? I want to see it now

  38. Been unsubscribed since 2015, nice to see nothing's changed.

    (Come back Jake, Pat, Streeter, Jeff, Owen, Dan, Sarah, Kevin, Amir, Josh, and Vinnie)

  39. this for all you guys trying to her "friend".
    man up. get her to be with you or move on..
    you're welcome

  40. WHAT!!? This ain't no buzz feed this is original

  41. Am I the only one wondering "how did she get him"

  42. Buzzfeed is crap compared to College humour. Quality over quantity.

  43. " I also been fucking someone named mark"

  44. BRING BACK JAKE AND AMIR!! I'm going to say this until it comes back!!!

  45. whats the song at the end, at the ad?


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