If Hand Turkeys Were Real

Some people call them a crime against god, other people call them just plain delicious!

Jemberly Farms presents, just in time for Thanksgiving, real genuine hand turkeys. Straight from your nightmares and onto your dinner table!

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Title: If Hand Turkeys Were Real

Duration: 1:39

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: December 6th, 2017

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  1. I’m really disturbed…

  2. Watch this was a mistake.

  3. VERY FUNNY finally a good video!

  4. THis is terrifying

  5. where's the brain bleach?

  6. I almost puked…

  7. That was funny as shit and shit is really funny if in the right context. Like giving someone shit.

  8. By: M vids1

    Glad I live in England

  9. By: mao sorn

    could you subscribe me please?
    [email protected]  this my small chanel

  10. im vegan and regular turkey already grosses me out to the point where I want to throw up lmfao

  11. That was mentally scarring

  12. Just another video proving that everyone at CollegeHumor is on drugs

  13. that… is… horrifying…

  14. that was the most uncomfortable thing ive ever seen

  15. That shot with the hand turkeys was… disturbing…

  16. That got dark quickly

  17. what is animal

  18. By: Nekrotix

    Cyriak, is that you?

  19. Glad I watched this after Thanksgiving!


  21. bro wtf

  22. that mince URGHH im throwin up

  23. By: 04dram04

    just go vegan already

  24. That is…haunting.

  25. Jemberly Faaarrrmmss hand turkey

    what nightmare hath man wroughtttt

    rip me

  26. Lmao the jingle!

  27. I'm scared for life

  28. The meat grinder is the worst part. Poor hand.

  29. Oh oh god

  30. Nightmares…

  31. This makes me uncomfortable

  32. By: Vi Phan

    well this is a new level of disturbing

  33. Wtf

  34. Soooo….was it tasty? I love trying out new food.

  35. By: Uku Sibul


  36. Ewwwwwww

  37. When CH makes finally makes something funny but you realize they're still dying

  38. By: HPJ

    The… Horror…

  39. Tick dicklers

  40. I think Hannibal Lecter owns Jeberly Farm Hand Turkeys…. That was just fucked.

  41. Get you get it boneless?

  42. By: Eddy W

    That jingle at the end made this video


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