Hardly Working: Mother’s Day

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Title: Hardly Working: Mother’s Day

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Added on: May 15th, 2018

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  1. This skit should be called oedipus complex

  2. By: Lloyd Nix

    Back when CollegeHumor had punchlines, that's what the hole noise at the end is imitating breathing after getting sucker punched. But now it's just out of place.

  3. By: Sam Lewis

    That. Fucking. Ending.

  4. By: SHEEP

    why does this have 666k views

  5. Oedipus complex ahahah

  6. By: Gery

    "you think you love your mom more than I love mine", "i know i love my mom more", "then what do you say we have a contest, a loving your mom contest."

  7. This was uploaded on my sister's birthday.
    Of course, my sister was born in 2010 and this is from 2009, but still. Her birthday.

  8. jake and amir wrapped into hardly working

  9. By: mala ya


  10. By: Max Power

    I bet this one was writen by Jake , He loves his mom and hates his dad more than anyone I know

  11. Eleanor

  12. I'm guessing this bit started from Jake, since he would actually get into this debate over his love for his momma

  13. god damnit oedipus

  14. Well, well, everyone. I'm glad for those who decoded to join me on my journey, but unfortunately, this is my last laugh. The twentieth laugh. MY laugh. 20 in…about 55 episodes. Not exactly impressive, but hey, pals. Owning the same nail polish does not a murderer make. Farewell.

  15. opposite for me i hate my mom but love my dad

  16. By: ldmt1995

    1:07 Sarah keeps spinning.

  17. By: 4Ryanon

    I love Dan's bit.

  18. Dammit, Freud.

  19. Pat and Sarah have some dark secrets.

  20. By: Wolfennar

    Yes, Freudian psychology ending 😀

  21. The beginning reminds me of an Amir and Ben Schwartz contest video

  22. By: Josie Lee

    "My mother breatfed me till I was 25. Now I breastfeed her"

    I've never been so awkwardly, humorously amused before

  23. By: Sener

    I loved how in these hardly workings, the Jake and Amir relationship would cross over


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