Grease Dilemma

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What exactly happened on those Summer Nights?

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Title: Grease Dilemma

Duration: 3:1

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: February 13th, 2018

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  1. It took me two years to learn this wasn't the original song

  2. when i was younger and even now. i always thought "did she put up a fight" meant "did she play hard to get" but yeah. it is rapey..

  3. Know we finally do know the reason why Patt was killed.

  4. Don't be like Pat Kinicky.

  5. This sounds like Teen Beach movie

  6. Great video

  7. By: Noah M

    Lmao he said, "noooo. That didn't even rhyme!"

  8. To this day, this is still the best video on this entire website

  9. I thought I was the only one who was confused by the rapey ass lyrics

  10. maybe put up a fight could of been said in a joking way? I mean….not in this but overall it could fit in a normal song.

  11. Oh my

  12. Bullshit

  13. By: CJ Hunt

    This is the height of comedy.

  14. I’m pretty sure the original line of ‘did she put up a fight’ refers to playing hard to get XD

  15. XD OMFG

  16. Jake is so fucking hottttt

  17. so the moral of your story: violence (B.) is OK. but violence (A.) is NOT.
    this was almost as good as the PSA of Pee-Wee Herman telling me how bad crack is.

  18. This was in the original? Wtf

  19. By: Raisin

    Back when I was still innocent I thought ‘did she put up a fight’ meant as in she was fighting against other girls to win him

  20. That got really dark.

  21. "Did you slip her a pill" 😂

  22. Did he say the pill thing in the movie was that made up?

  23. 1: aside from the parody aspects this is a really accurate representation of Grease. Good costumes and acting and the actors can actually sing.
    2: Glad the rapists got beat up. Can someone just throw every rapists, child molester, and sex offender who was proven to be guilty into a giant hole so we can set the hole on fire E.T for the Atari style?
    3: This is really funny.

  24. We sang that in music class….

  25. this is really well done tbh

  26. By: Mary S.

    One of the boys looks extremely like the actor who plays Cristian gray


  28. This is still one of my favorite of their skits to date

  29. Ooo…shit…im Knickie in a school actuación…

  30. that poor black clothed girl

  31. You know, I always assumed the "put up a fight" line was a reference to how Danny says he saved Sandy from drowning. Drowning victims often struggle when someone grabs them simply out of instinct. That Kenickie was basically asking if she struggled when Danny "pulled her to shore".

    But props to the guys for calling out Kenickie's rapey comments and not tolerating it.

  32. poor rizzo


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