God’s Boss Craig

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If God exists, why do bad things happen? Craig. A new animated series by CollegeHumor.

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Title: God’s Boss Craig

Duration: 2:24

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Category: collegehumor

Added on: March 13th, 2018

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  1. So thats why we have cancer,nazis,homophobes,etc.

  2. Lol Craig's hair looks like cow shit stuck on the road 😂

  3. “Just a flood”
    (I was expecting him to say “Houston”)

  4. By: Amna Khan


  5. I'm Christian but I am ay ok with this

  6. How could Craig forget about the covenant? It was represented by a rainbow! Never mind 🌈

  7. By: ItzDavid

    Make a finalle for this where God becomes Craig's boss


  9. Why does god sound like Brian from family guy

  10. It’s funny because everything about that guy screams the name Craig

  11. They predicted harvey

  12. The whole point of God is that, God has no boss, he's the top dog, he's the creator. This video is not offensive. It just doesn't make sense

  13. By: Kurt C

    The messed up thing is that if this were true, it would explain a lot of the bad in the world.

  14. Weeeeellll…… I just died lol

  15. I think… god has the second largest unibrow I’ve ever seen

  16. but who is tony and mary?

  17. I want anyone that is like crag or acts like crag to burn

  18. Bruce jenner? Holy shit this is cold

  19. Ok I'm only going to say this once Craig at your f**** idiot can you please just kill him off

  20. oh my

  21. By: BEING ME

    wait does this mean craig is much powerful than god?

  22. This is stupid God has no boss even if this is supposed to be a joke it’s not funny or at least not to me


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