Don’t Legalize Weed!

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Be careful what you wish for.

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Title: Don’t Legalize Weed!

Duration: 3:10

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: December 5th, 2017

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  1. I think we've all been the teenager…

  2. By: Ganjaism

    In Ganja We Trust

  3. By: Mr. M

    Chelsea Clinton believes weed kills

  4. Beautiful

  5. By: Azaki

    I'm a teenager who can hang and I've never met my dad

  6. Funny, but this aged surprisingly unwell in ways… Huh.

  7. By: shane c


  8. By: Ber

    100% true

  9. By: dudumass

    What if my dad is Jamaican

  10. You do know to die from smoking weed you need to smoke 270 pounds which is impossible. That is why there are no deaths that came directly from smoking it.

  11. Thanks for making farmers look like retards

  12. It would actually be cheaper if legalized

  13. that was one of the most ignorant pathetic anti-pot commercials I've ever seen in my life. I know it was supposed to be satire or a spoof, but that was just horrible.


  15. so sad that this is from 6 yrs ago …

  16. Weed needs to be legal its stops les arrest because a majority of people are arrested for carrying weed it would reduce taxes because less prisoners they cost 40 grand plus a year plus

  17. Stupid narrator.

  18. Why?

  19. This video was sponsored by the DEA

  20. By: Mike C.

    Alcohol in moderation, some experts would contend is good for you. In excess, alcohol ruins your life and relationships with people around you. Weed in excess also ruins people lives. In moderation, its fine. To call it a 'harmless plant' is completely inaccurate. Medically, it makes the most sense.

  21. By: OPTIMUZ

    I hate thses wannabe cool teenage smokers

  22. I'm totally for decriminalization. or just cops turning a blind eye, making it mainstream would suck
    But I'd make bets that there will be "Golden Crops" that will cost double or triple over the cheap shit

  23. Stoners are disgusting! 😂😂😂

  24. This makes sense

  25. This vidoe is stupid. You can still sell weed from dealer to buyer. You dont have to go to a store

  26. Don’t legalize marijuana ( the kind with THC), make tobacco illegal

  27. This video is completely bullshit, are u actually saying that we should not legalise weed because we will make it "uncool" and we will make annoying stoners. I had mental health issues with social anxiety and insomnia and weed helped me through it by allowing me to make new friends and forget all my problems. I don't think this video Is valid and it's should not be taken seriously at all.

  28. You should be free to alter your perception whenever you want, but if you do it too much you will regret.
    Kids, don't do drugs

  29. This video fucking retarded

  30. By: 人恋

    Well. It’s been 6 years…

  31. Weed is a mind altering drug with twice the side effects than benfits.

    It's illigal in most places for a reason.


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