Christopher Columbus Was a Murderous Moron

Turns out Christopher Columbus wasn’t brave, he was just really bad at math.

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Title: Christopher Columbus Was a Murderous Moron

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Added on: December 6th, 2017

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  1. Those silly Christians just love murdering people.

  2. By: marta s

    So the only America is the USA? What is Central and South America then? India? :))

  3. I hear The Sims music…

  4. Let it be known, ive spoken to adults who dont know where or what centrral america is. And dont even know how many states we have… This is not a joke. This is americas education system… This is why people are so misinformed.

  5. I knew this before and my school even taught us that but I already knew all of it

  6. They oversimplified the majority of events

  7. In 1492,
    Columbus sailed the ocean blue,
    And made it red with his own hands,
    By slaughtering the natives on their righteous lands,
    And then one man's misconception,
    Gave Columbus his much needed reputation protection,
    And now our forefathers fought for this land?
    Come on, in reality, you all were scammed.

  8. the cristobal colon we learned in spain is basicaly the same, yes he killed people but seems a bit overreacted since killing was fairly common, and we said he discovered america as the continent (lets not forget that usa isnt the whole americas pls). i got the feeling that the heroe image of colombus its only an usa thing.
    PD: sry for my bad english

  9. In other countries such as Brazil this is comunly known, but actually this is a lie Columbus did known he was going to the American continent that is why spain financed him even though he was portuguese

  10. The irony of Uncle Sam saying that in New York, people hate pizza

  11. Christopher Columbus Did discover AMERICA but didn't discover UNITED STATES

  12. Can somebody explain me the corelation between Colombus and Pedro Alváres Cabral? Were both stupid enough to confuse a continent? And who was the first to land on the American continent?

  13. You also forgot to say that Columbus first came to the Portuguese King but was immediately dismissed…

  14. It wasn’t the Taino it was the Arwoks Columbus slaughtered

  15. Some people actually know this without even watching this video. Weird.

  16. By: Ava.

    My teacher told me that he sicked wild dogs on people and raped women and children

  17. I used this to help me in a debate at school… I won

  18. I thought ferdinand Magellan proves that the earth was round??

  19. The US isn't America. I'm Central American, and that makes me American.

    Even the US admits I am American because it refers to people from the center of America as Central Americans, which if you look closely has "AMERICANS" in it…

    Also, if it is the center of America, then it is America… Pretty obvious.

    Columbus DID discover the Caribbean (along with his fellow sailors). No one said he was the first HUMAN to discover. The context, which you fail to take into account in your "liberal" bias against Europeans, is that he discovered it for Europe since Europe did not know about the Caribbean beforehand, nor Central America, nor South America, and that includes VIKINGS!

    I'm a Spaniard, and I don't deny that Mary-worshipping heretics were evil, but the Spanish typically mingled with the Natives, which is why Central America is more Native American than Spanish. The same goes for the Spanish-speaking world in general. The US committed genocide on Natives is why they are hard to find here, on the other hand. And I live in Miami and have met many Native Americans from Cuba and Puerto Rico.

  20. Reminds me of magic school bus

  21. That's how my 8th Grade History teacher taught it

  22. Adam if you so smart where does pizza come from cous it isn't Itallia (I'll give you a hint Columbus didn't diskover it)

  23. thank you for making this 🙂

  24. What about the rape he did

  25. But america isn't a country it's a continent (techically two but some people like south amerika say it's one) so columbus did discover amerika (if you don't count the vikings who beat columbus by
    2 000 years and the natives who lived there)

  26. Columbus discovered America because America is a continent not a country

  27. By: Samon -

    Today I learned: Many Americans lack the ability to read contextual clues to derive whether the word America refers to the continents or when it refers to the USA.

  28. Columbus sounds like my type of guy!

  29. To be fair, Columbus didn't murder all of the natives directly. Many died form imported germs…

  30. So the spagoots actually are the ones who populated america?

  31. By: SethRaw

    Technically Columbus’ voyage was a turning point in human history because without him we wouldn’t have an organized shift to north, central, and south AMERICA. SO no Murica, canada or mexico. The rest of humanity would have lived in packed and poor conditions. It had to take a brave soul to do it and that’s why we honor Columbus because he was the first documented person to ever do anything in the americas. I know the vikings visited it first, but spain really was the first to push civilization to the new world.


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