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Title: CH Labs: YouTube Extensions

Duration: 1:51

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Category: collegehumor

Added on: April 14th, 2018

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  1. Jesus christ, I didn't even remember what 2009 youtube looked like.

  2. It didn't work, you liars

  3. Got dang, that screamer made me crap my pants. I already pissed them the first time, I had forgotten about it and wasn't expecting it the second time… =(

  4. By: Smumpism

    Does anyone else think that the screamer isn't scary? Just gross

  5. By: pompadoms

    Yakety Sax*

  6. i respect them for not putting a scream at the end.

  7. By: hmeoscar

    DAMNIT! They aren't real. Not even the sideoveggies one 🙁

  8. No dumbass

  9. Is this real?

  10. no

  11. Thumbs up if you tried them

  12. By: critmoose

    holy shit the addascream one actually works. i typed it in and at 1:08 a creepy bitch yells

  13. i tried it too -_-

  14. By: mickomoo

    are any of these real?

  15. Am I the only one who looked at the top comment and realized there was a screamer?
    Then used one of YouTube's "Nifty Extensions" to seek the frames and find where it was?

  16. I tried yaketysax… didn't work

  17. By: Yyyyzyyy

    The "Add a Scream" thing is a good idea.

  18. can't get it to work

  19. By: Cubei8

    i wish to be you someday…

  20. By: bheurk

    I'm on my way. The second one still got me.

  21. No fucking joke i dropped ny itouch on concrete and it broke when the sconda cream happend… FUCK YOU SCREAMERS

  22. Haha same here

  23. I actually tried the sideoveggies -____- no me gusta

  24. I wish this was all real

  25. @irandompeople brohoof

  26. By: Owner951

    I want those features!!! Dammit youtube, make these changes instead of the other constant bullcrap…

  27. @MasterBlackwingsPony With what? Oh Btw, Youtube added a new extension
    you can add #t=XmYs
    Replace X and Y with the number of minutes and seconds that you want.

  28. the computer isnt plugged in 0_0

  29. By: lankey01

    This would be awesome if this waz real

  30. Americans watch Britain's Got Talent wow!
    Old YouTube -3

  31. @InvisibleJess ME TOO DANGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. @grafitiman777 It's a joke

  33. i really just expected a scream at the end of this… :/

  34. By: Josh R

    Anyone notice what he was wearing?

  35. 1:40 Is by far the BEST extension


  37. By: sill y

    @arctyler i know right

  38. This video looks AWESOME with yaketysax!

  39. By: arctyler

    i watched this because it has the least views

  40. the screamer one would be such a badass add on

  41. it worked for me….


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