Can Music Get You High? – Trailer

The Social Music Experiment — Powered by UE BOOM
Experiment #4 – “Can Music Get You High?”

Chief Socio-Musicologist Reggie Watts and his assistant Asif, think that social music shouldn’t just be global, but universal. They grab a couple of space suits, an alien abductee and hit the road for Bonnaroo 2013 to launch a UE BOOM into space.
It’s a bird… it’s a…


Title: Can Music Get You High? – Trailer

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Added on: April 14th, 2018

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  1. dafuq

  2. By: ATySuko

    Hagrid, is that you?

  3. They posted the full length video and then shortly after, THEY TOOK IT DOWN. Awhile ago

  4. By: Raddish

    Egocentric dipshit say what?

  5. Your horrible grammar makes the entire Asian race look shameful!

  6. there is a GPS thing on it the balloon explodes at some time due to the presure decreasing and the air expanding and then it sinks back to the ground and they can find the camera with the help of the GPS. General Knowledge

  7. Para shoot brought it down without damagingthe (assumed) hardened camara.

  8. By: PutBoy

    Reggie Watts might just be the most boring comedian I have never seen.

  9. It's a trailer for a music experiment, so this video isn't the music experiment.

  10. so that was just an advert for some shit speaker?

  11. By: Just Here

    Yes, I was.

  12. By: Lus146

    Was anyone else wondering why your channel has no views?

  13. By: Sage Mod

    Didn't expect this but still wasn't disapointed

  14. By: jc burns


  15. By: Cj Vic

    can't – not – misunderstand – weed – my brain just melted x_x

  16. Misunderstood the title… i dont smoke alot of weed… but still i can't not misunderstand it no matter how many times i read the title

  17. By: ZiMRA

    love the big afro guy his fucking great!

  18. Oh man is this one of those long commercial shows n

  19. Put a GPS on it, and go find it

  20. By: AMRninja7

    I love Switchfoot! I'm surprise that was on therer!

  21. …no


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