Break (Jake and Amir)

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How I spent my winter vacation.

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Title: Break (Jake and Amir)

Duration: 3:24

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: May 16th, 2018

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  1. "He means well…"

  2. everyone realised the guy in the back, fist suddenly have headphones then he disappeared whith the headphones on the desk

  3. Y Jake believe errythang Amir say bout his family?

  4. i think Jake was saying it to make Amir jealous. It was probably terrible and resulted in Jake sexually assaulting most of his family members

  5. By: Fredo F

    Pats delivery of “you monster!” Makes me think it was the origins of Will

  6. What was the ‘are you talking to me’ impression from

  7. Take a break

  8. I'm watching this on New Year's Eve eve!

  9. the guy in the back put on headphones as quickly as amir can put on sunglasses

  10. Does this have anything to do with the fact that Pat's dad killed himself during Hardly Working: Parents Game?

  11. I didn’t get the end where pat stormed off. Did Jake say I have a dad then Amir said I already have a dad and it’s Pat? The dialogue speed up at the end

  12. that guy behind Amir teleporting and shit

  13. a shart roughly the size of a dead tadpole

  14. Pat was lowkey the best actor at collegehumor

  15. UNcross the eyes…There it is.

  16. By: Rust

    do jake and amir live in nyc? always thought it was toronto

  17. Sure, Jake has a dad, but he's a horrible troll man and his saint of a mother deserves so much more.

  18. He mentioned Fresno, my city!

  19. why did his dad and mum turn into such cunts? at the beginning, they were normal people who loved amir and were strangely nice compared to his assholery. the mum wanted to shower amir with gifts, the dad was a paediatrician, but now they sound like trailer trash who shouldnt have even given birth to a son let alone somehow raise him to SOMEHOW get into collegehumor.

    but then again this show had no consistency within itself, and there were very few tied together things.

  20. WTF is this family?

  21. a gold rolly polly for that oldy trolly

  22. After all these years, I just understood the "book it like a librarian" joke hahaha

  23. By: Chris 1

    Pat is annoying. Anyone ?

  24. By: MaxiAngel

    Pat doesn't have a father or a brother (teasing video) Jesus Amir sarcastically says YOU've GoNe ToO fAR-

  25. By: Hannah

    This is funnier when you watch it directly after the Dad episode.

  26. Did you guys come up with 'book it like a librarian,' and TheThirdPew copied it, or was it the other way around?

  27. someone needs to make a series about all the crazy stories amir has told through out the course of this web series.

  28. but… why the keyboard?

  29. pat does have a dad

  30. is it weird i wish i had amir as a friend. would make life deadly yet fun!

  31. I forgot what episode it was but what was the episode where Amir says, "I am not kidding. You have severe emotional problems" something like that?

  32. By: TOON GOON

    how do they come up with this shit.

  33. Uncross the eyes, there it is.

  34. y'all mother fuckers are some geniuses

  35. By: BigT 187

    I literally cried I laughed so hard

  36. This episode is def top 3.

  37. By: jay sean

    A legendary series, R.I.P to my teenage years, every day 5 minutes after school binging Jake and Amir and is now dead, oh man this sad, their podcast is dead too, COME THE FUCK ON

  38. By: JeaIous

    "book it like a librarian" is the new metaphor that I will force into every conversation.

  39. I just got the reference to Pat's dad. He's been sick for a while in the show haha.

  40. By: Quantus X

    I can't tell if he's lying or not

  41. By: riedstep

    amir's depressing stories about his family are the funniest


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