Beard of Bees Teaser – Facebook Challenge

If we get 1,000,000 Likes on Facebook one of us will wear a beard of real live bees!

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Title: Beard of Bees Teaser – Facebook Challenge

Duration: 23

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: April 15th, 2018

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  1. Well….?

  2. 999.436 >:)

  3. 998k get ready!!

  4. By: arylicht

    There not gonna do it

  5. poor.

  6. By: Jon Alel

    Amir should wear the beard. Who's with me?

  7. Kid thinks he's the QUEEN BEE of puns…

  8. By: Frogboy

    They are making it look like they are doing something dangerous for our amusement and our likes.

  9. Because it'll be funny as fuck!

  10. I can go watch bees on someone's face with the help of peer pressure… I wanna see more than just bees on someone's face. I wanna see someone punt kittens.

  11. By: jsturty45

    I immediately thought of Nicolas Cage.

  12. By: A Rat

    Remember when CollegeHumour made good video rather than pimping themselves out for likes?

  13. 5k more.

  14. By: Vex2.0

    Get the app checkpoints and use my code shimmy13 and get 7,000 point enough for an iTunes gift card, a Walmart gift card, or even a SHELL gas card!!!

  15. Because we all know the fact that your just going pull a fast one like you always do.

  16. I noticed someone named eli Johnson makes the same bad comment on each on of their videos. Your probably not as nearly as funny as them so shut up

  17. Do we also get to choose who that person will be? I vote for Emily.

  18. Woooo im the 995k liker awesome awesome

  19. Only if the bees came from Oprah.

  20. Seems like they did it already.

  21. 5k left


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