Beard of Bees Facebook Challenge

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If we reach 1 million LIKES on Facebook, we’ll put bees on our face! Buzz Buzz…

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Title: Beard of Bees Facebook Challenge

Duration: 23

Submited by: siteadmin

Category: collegehumor

Added on: April 16th, 2018

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  1. By: mikelor84

    still  waiting

  2. you have way past 1 million brush. get the bees ready

  3. By: WAFL Clan

    I wonder what Nicholas Cage has to say about this…..

  4. We are now waiting .. 😀

  5. By: punklifee

    They're almost there.. They need approximately 250 more likes at this moment ( June 3rd 2013 )

  6. stop being a drama queen-bee


  8. Have Amir wear the bee beard

  9. I hate you bees. I hate you bees. I hate you bees. I hate you bees. *Peter Griffin voice*

  10. I'll like you guys but i could care less about the bees….

  11. The bee puns need to Bee-gone

  12. By: zerhl

    I wish it's Amir's face. Who else?

  13. I don't think you really have to do that. A simple thank you is fine.

  14. Am I the only one who thinks Amir volunteered for this?

  15. Can you guys get Nick Cage to wear the beard? NOT THE BEES!!!!!!

  16. Pathetic…

  17. HONEYstly I don't actually want to see that

  18. YES.

  19. Buzz off guys, this isn't funny.

  20. Pat.

  21. By: Moto Rick

    do the bees first and I'll like your facebook page I PROMISE

  22. 50000 away!!!!!!!!

  23. By: Tee

    Y'all mothefuckers need Jesus.

  24. By: mark r

    i judge all of you it STINGS to read this

  25. This isn't honey, guys

  26. By: ZionB07

    Wow. They've been begging for a million likes since last year. Sorry college humor, but your jokes have been going downhill fast. Jake and Amir are all that keeps people subscribed. Good luck though! 🙂

  27. Wow these puns really STINGk

  28. I've liked things for worse reasons.

  29. no.

  30. By: Rubikx

    these puns are horrible, its like your all WASPED up *budum kshh*

  31. By: Adam West

    Don't crack puns, CollegeHumor! You know BEE-ter.

  32. We're almost there guys! If you don't like us on Facebook yet you should BEE(I'm so sorry) fixing that right now!

  33. It should be if u get a million likes on the facebook page Amir will go Dickless for Micheal Chiklas

  34. By: Jalla då

    Now i see the reason why Jake got that big ass beard xD

  35. i feel like i have seen someone else do this before. i love CH, but why the shit should i care how many FB likes they get and if they do or don't make this bee video?

  36. By: SuperBert

    Who ever does needs to scream:

  37. I can't BEElieve you silly people!


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