Bassists Look Too Bored (with Mark Hoppus)

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The Blink 182 front man teaches the delicate art of giving a sh*t.

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Title: Bassists Look Too Bored (with Mark Hoppus)

Duration: 2:47

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Category: collegehumor

Added on: February 11th, 2018

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  1. if they think playing bass is boring why did they sign up for it

  2. When I practice bass I jump around and break everything even though nobody's watching.

  3. Does he even know he's in The Who? Best line of the century

  4. I may look like I'm bored… it's not that… I'm terrified. I hide behind sunglasses, not to be cool, I want to freaking hide! If I could stand behind the curtain…I would..LOL.

  5. Fun as f#$&….. My English is not the best, the only thing I could not understand is what mark whisper at the end of the video, could anyone tell me?

  6. I'm so sad for Dolores but I could smile after opening the video. Thank you for existing and being a legend <3

  7. By: Joanna C.

    His speaking voice matches his singing voice lol

  8. Mike Watt

  9. By: TOBG Show

    Les Claypool is kinda fun to watch on stage

  10. Queria tanto entender pra eu rir 😔

  11. Always remember rule number 2

  12. Can Mark Hoppus be my teacher

  13. By: Jet 22

    "Give a little nut-shake" – Mark Hoppus

  14. I love the little side story about Travis!!!!

  15. By: Tess1061

    Choking back tears "I should really call Travis."

  16. ‘What if we’re talking to the drummer about what we’re gonna do after the show when the guitarist and singer are off having sex with groupies?’

  17. Our bassist never looks bored! 🙂

  18. TRUE STORY: I saw a bassist that was so bored, he was hitting his vape on stage

  19. Can someone tell me about the "never talk to your drummer during performance " bit? Ive recently noticed that in other videis

  20. Does anyone know what the dude said at the end?!?!

  21. By: Joe Duke

    OMG! All those bassists were killed when that Boeing 747 landed on their circle jerk tent at Burning Man.

  22. Brent Wilson took it too far

  23. By: Atomic86

    I miss the old Blink-182 🙁



  26. Take this seriously bassists

  27. Check out the bassist of DNCE.

  28. Reminds me of Tyler Joseph. He's nuts.

  29. Sadly too true. Every other really good bassist I want to watch playing live just stands way in the back, halfway turned to face the drummer the entire time. They do usually move but when I go watch technical music live I'd love seeing my instrument actually being played instead of someone's back

  30. Kris Xenopoulous and Krist Novoselic are really fucking hyper for anyone performing on a stage, let alone bassists.

  31. My bassist needs to see this. He shares intimate stares with his fretboard.

  32. By: InBrains

    How did you get Mark? Holy shit I Fucking love Blink

  33. John Myung looks bored, but does he?


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