My Channel Is Being Shut Down (What YouTube is Doing is Wrong) *ReUpload*

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Title: My Channel Is Being Shut Down (What YouTube is Doing is Wrong) *ReUpload*

Duration: 6:22

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Added on: February 22nd, 2018

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  1. Please help me continue to make my video here – This video might not be up for long – please download and reupload with all links – I made this video to try to get YouTube to see what is happening in hopes of helping out many creators. This might be my last hope with all that is happening. I need your support. Love you guys…

  2. I just downloaded Brave & started using it & now my computer stopped working. I think there’s something in it

  3. You make fun of singers and their music YouTube doesn't like I guess maybe the singers you make fun of said hey YouTube can you get him to stop idk… Just a idea 💡 but I like your videos so don't stop YouTube will get their shit together soon love you I'm sure they will say something to you ❤

  4. <— Looking for another channel? Well my channel with my mates is really weird 😂 we do song video covers and omg it’s weird

    Dear Bart
    You have been a real inspiring person.
    I hope your channel get saved.

  6. Keep making parodies you have great content 💜

  7. Brave is downloaded❤

  8. WTF I have been waiting so long for u to be 10 millions and still😂

  9. If t works make a parody of friend With Anne-Marie and marshmallow

  10. Jepp

  11. By: Elly Alam

    I did it I reported you for harassment

  12. I have been watching you for years! Your parodies are the best❤️😂💕

  13. Downloaded brave

  14. By: Girl x

    Downloaded it ❤️ please keep making awesome content

  15. Love your work bart. From day one

  16. By: Lisa G

    I'll tell you why I think it's happening. All these big platforms like their bottom lines to be large by generally not paying people to moderate so a lot of this stuff is done by bots. I think your problem is sadly that a lot of extreme fantards are reporting your videos for not being flattering to their fav star. They don't understand that it's just comedy and it's just fun they're mad the parody portrayed Taylor Swift as a psychopath etc… that's they barrier you're having to overcome and YouTube needs to understand this kind of thing is going on. Also I think a lot of troll probably reported this video for a laugh because it's a video complaining about things being removed so they think it's funny to report it too. That's my guess.

  17. Stay strong Bart!!!😔😔😔

  18. By: Eden Liu

    pretty true, back in the day my subscribed channels would show up on my youtube feed. Now I have to type up the artist and go find them…

  19. By: VD

    YouTube drunk I guess 🤔🙄

  20. By: SkootMX

    YouTube is so fucking garbage nowadays, they mad cuz they can't make content as good as these other great YouTubers like this guy. Trash, I hope YouTube sees this too so they can throw a tantrum like little girl scouts they are… Pussies

  21. "Help my channel" I immediately downloaded it Bruh

  22. WTF man , Stop being a bitch YouTube

  23. Downloading it now to support my boy

  24. Oh no we want to c u Bart love from India


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