Safe and Sound (Taylor Swift) – Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider

Loved the Hunger Games, and this is such a gorgeous song – hope you enjoy, and download the track on iTunes!! ‘Safe & Sound’ – originally by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars Written by: T. Bone Burnett, Taylor Swift, John Paul White & Joy Williams Published by: Sony ATV Music, Bug Music, Sensibility Music & BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing

Title: Safe and Sound (Taylor Swift) – Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider

Duration: 3:58

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  1. By: Gun. T.

    158 people don’t have ear -_-

  2. By: Zayaka muugii

    I am sure If Taylor Swift heard your version of her song she would have said this song is just written for you and give up the song for you guys. Amazing and deserve to be heard by every soul in the world.

  3. By: Sarah Henderson

    Wow I just discovered this guy on iTunes and I’m already in love. It’s almost cruel for someone to have that kind of voice

  4. By: Alida Saku

    I really hope these guys will start writing their own songs, Sam’s voice is so beautiful it’s a waste just to do renditions

  5. By: katherineandrade77


  6. By: Tristen Ng


  7. By: lougrace28


  8. By: valeriaambriz

    3 this is perfection

  9. By: Mei McPherson


  10. By: Feliciano Dina

    i have a man crush on Sam Tsui..


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