eGO attempts massive stunt….

kobes got nothing on me…



Title: eGO attempts massive stunt….

Duration: 39

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Category: SUPEReeeGO

Added on: August 13th, 2017

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  1. damn i was 9 when this came out im 18 now

  2. dis vid still active with human people ?

  3. who is watching it in 2122

  4. Damm 8 years ego get it

  5. 😂 and you just touch my moms boob 😂

  6. YeH

  7. By: Gio

    Who's watching in 2016

  8. word??? who says that!😨😨😨

  9. By: Leon Max

    dam ego was like 16 back then 😶

  10. By: VAL LUNA


  11. By: Kayla T

    Who's watching in 2015?

  12. Superego status 😂

  13. hahahahaha i was like OMG he going to something big then nekmin lol something lil hahahahaha 0:21

  14. You should start making videos on a daily basis again.

  15. I'm guessing this was the first video that kinda blew up (it's 2015 now). And how simple (and clever) it was!

  16. By: Adrian G


  17. 2008-11/14/2014

  18. WTF MySpace……

  19. At the end, danm!! U did a wasaswasis

  20. 2014

  21. really?! thats it?

  22. Thumbs up if you don't care when your watching this!

  23. By: WizBang

    No im watching in 2,000 BC on my IStone

  24. Thumps up if your watching in 2014..

  25. Or you can read the date it was added

  26. dat myspace doe lol that's how u know dis video is old af

  27. I thought it would be awesome.

  28. By: Diego cal


  29. What kind of shoes are those?

  30. thum up if watching in 2013

  31. I was not expecting that XD

  32. Supereeego style LOL

  33. I'm watching from 2013 😉

  34. By: Alancin09

    no, im from the fucking future 😛 lol

  35. thumps up if your watching this in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Lol i just watched this after browsing threw his videos :p


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