Who will take a stand against body shaming bullying? Watch this powerful video. #UPliftSomeone #StandUPAgainstBullying

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Added on: October 12th, 2017

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  1. I mean the bully kinda big too lol

  2. By: Sean D.

    Nobody says that unless your in a fight

  3. By: Indie Guy

    no one is that socially inept to say this to a random stranger. You're bringing awareness to how people treat others online because of anonymity.

  4. Anyone know the background song very chilled

  5. Everyone is confused because this never happens in real life.

  6. By: kmgenius

    Do it again, but with a really skinny dude, and some muscley guy saying he should go to the gym. I think you might get a different result.

  7. She doesn’t need to go the gym, all she has to do is starve and puke out her food

  8. Would people have stood up for a guy?

  9. By: LIL ZEZO

    Slut Shaming

  10. Do your self a favor and don't read the comments.

  11. Great video Stuart !

  12. Wtf

  13. By: Matthew

    Idk why comments keep saying this doesn't happen… Maybe not in adults but especially in highschool and middle school this stuff happens literally all the time…

  14. By: Bloo

    Meh video

  15. This was a low blow Stuart Little

  16. Nah, this doesn't actually happen in real life. So who was the real bully that you encountered in this experiment? No one? Then who are we standing up to?

  17. This was great, the only problem is bullying is generally more subtle. So people need to look out for the more subtle incidents.

  18. Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making this a part of your life. it means so much to me.

  19. Dafuk they're almost the same size…

  20. You should try this in the Bronx

  21. Corny AF

  22. By: SRehill7

    She doesn't need the gym she's thicc af

  23. This is mean…😢


  25. Yeah that happens on daily basis on the street. Of course not as much as raping.

  26. By: G Gardner

    People that are saying that these comments aren't made in real life may have a point, but they're simultaneously missing the point of the video. Bullying doesn't just come in one form and it definitely isn't seen all the time. Most times it's over the web or in privacy. This video really shows the worth of the people that stuck up for the victim.

  27. stuart are you ok?.. you just look not good.. 😦

  28. By: Falsey

    They could both use a gym membership lol

  29. By: nwsv

    ugh, just hearing the words social experiment is revolting to me

  30. Where does bullying happen cause it doesn't happen where I live

  31. By: Jamal

    People body shame in their group of friends. 2% of people body shame like this 😂

  32. By: med bip

    you usually have better ideas, this is mainstream

  33. Body shaming, although rude is far from "bullying"…Bullying is physical or a physical threat. I know in today's society with everyone wanting to be the cuckold victim, they would consider these rude comments as "bullying" but they are not. People need to grow up. Words can't physically hurt anyone and if you are a person of a weak mind that gets hurt by words, stay home. Life isn't a rehearsal. You have one chance to live it. Stop being offended by others and do something with your life.

  34. I mean, it's not necessarily true that we are all beautiful inside and out. Life is unfair and certain people have advantages. I think it would be nice to live in a cultural where if someone is truly concerned for the health of another they should be able to say and motivate them without that person taking it as bullying.

  35. By: 8T4 aweek

    I like this type of social experiment. i am 5/8 and 76 kilo …. And gonna hit gym tommrw.

  36. By: lc31777

    This touched me….

  37. I love Stuart's videos so much, I can just watch them again and again

  38. Social experiments are still a thing…?

  39. By: ItsyaG

    CIS white people are not allowed to like this comment


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