“Safe and Sound” – Taylor Swift (ft. Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider)

The chance to get an early look at College Musical is over, but there’s a new opportunity coming soon!! Sam and I tried to put a different spin on Safe and Sound with this cover. We hope you like it!! If you do, you can grab it on iTunes: bit.ly _______________ GET IN TOUCH! KURT SCHNEIDER: Facebook: Twitter: SAM TSUI: Facebook: Twitter: _______________________________ Video produced by Daniel Rosen @danielsrosen Video directed and edited by Daniel Karp @karptweets Special thanks to Ari Beser and CJ Saraceno _______________________________ ‘Safe & Sound’ – originally by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars Written by: T. Bone Burnett, Taylor Swift, John Paul White & Joy Williams Published by: Sony ATV Music, Bug Music, Sensibilit

Title: “Safe and Sound” – Taylor Swift (ft. Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider)

Duration: 5:04

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  1. By: GangnamStyle1996

    Magic. I already love this song, but hearing ya’ll sing it gave me goosebumps. Gave me a feeling that I am unable to describe…..

  2. By: Beatriz Eugênio

    incrível o agudo dele!!

  3. By: sara crone


  4. By: betül doktoroglu

    Amazing!! :))

  5. By: lizzy gutierrez

    Why are you singing a girl song?and also fake one direction

  6. By: Kostaraw

    Great One !

  7. By: BlenderPower

    I liked the beginning part best, before he went into falsetto :)

  8. By: WardaMusic

    Hey Guys. Check out my cover in my channel

  9. By: ShaneEllisPaparone

    I agree Stephen. Kurt is incredibly talented as well in pretty much everything, including singing.

  10. By: junjouBLlover

    Lizzy Gutierrez, do you have a problem with guys singing girl songs? What’s wrong with you? There are covers of girls singing to Bruno Mars, I bet you sing guy songs too.


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