What We HATE About Each Other pt. 2

My dad and I settle our differences.. again To see part 1: Website: To keep up-to-date about what I’m up to!: Facebook: Music By: George Shaw georgeshawmusic.com David Choi

Title: What We HATE About Each Other pt. 2

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Added on: March 1st, 2013

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  1. By: john maeng

    It’s a ….. Computer game

  2. By: Alisha Haroon

    1:29- 1:30 Father xD

  3. By: kajsa östlund

    1:38 dat face

  4. By: WillYouLaugh

    I have a channel where I do similar stuff on comedy and rants (and even music). I really feel my videos are great and I just need my foot in the door to get the ball rolling. Please check out my channel and I believe you wont be disappointed! Subscribe if you like it, it’d help me out a lot.

  5. By: San Fransisco

    i thought his dad said he was 19 in part 1…

  6. By: cheeseandcrack69

    2:14 kevin is mouthing what papajumba is saying.

  7. By: Hiohioihio

    I miss his dad lol

  8. By: anguscole1

    Lol its a year later!

  9. By: TopTenSquad

    Someone tell me why his dog was on his lap while he was watching porn… 0:30
    I suppose it might help

  10. By: ButterflysandCandyXD

    The dogs like oooooohhoo yeah


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