Construction Spiderman Prank! Worker fixing a wall drops his ladder but manages to hang to a brick wall through his sheer mental power and the safety thing attached to him. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.


Title: Construction Spiderman Prank!

Duration: 1:40

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Added on: October 11th, 2017

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  1. By: Kakarot

    Chilling up there.

  2. cfffyuyujuh

  3. By: Afroboy

    this could have been so much better if he was dressed as spiderman make another were this time he is spiderman

  4. 1:07 don't kill him 😱

  5. Such a giveaway

  6. By: fana406

    The 90s was something, huh?

  7. so hight a men can never surviva a fall like that….

  8. it's cool !!

  9. He should normally fall because gravity exerts a radial force towards earth on him. Hahaha do you get it people?

  10. Canadians are such comedians :))

  11. The fuck is he doing at 1:06?!

  12. am I the only one who thought he was gonna shoot webs from his hands and swing across the building or all over that building?

  13. By: Jimmy N

    the women are complete dumbasses in this video, dont wave your hands when a guy is hanging on for his life

  14. The woman ar 0:31 is just like WTF?!

  15. By: kong023

    Agreed .. asshole can be everywhere. At the end, we are the same race even though we are different country.

  16. If it happens in Brazil, the ladder will be stolled

  17. Reminds me of the game GIRP

  18. know* not no lol

  19. isent it weird that canadains do not no anything about spider man?

  20. not funny..

  21. he should have yelled every time the ladder fell "DON'T BE ALARMED, I… AM SPIDER-MAN!"


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