Why Would Anybody Throw Away Hot Cheetos??!!!

Jorge Munoz
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Juan Munoz
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Title: Why Would Anybody Throw Away Hot Cheetos??!!!

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Added on: July 17th, 2017

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  1. Yes he poops naked. Fack it

  2. Lol " you poop naked" ((x

  3. lmao da fack???

  4. He's always been such a babe ❤

  5. omg i love that song pursuit of happiness

  6. Omg! Last part so random… Lmfao.

  7. By: TaeYoona

    Lol. "You poop naked"

  8. He's cute and everything but out of all the vids he is the bombest in this one

  9. Lol

  10. Kid Cudi-3

  11. By: mikey0152

    That was a screwd up ending. Ll 😀

  12. Why would any body throw away hot Cheetos ?! Ignoring where his tooth brush has been XD

  13. persuit of happiness kid cudi

  14. By: RiYuKo

    hhhhhhhhhh U po.op naked¿¿¡¿

  15. By: jasminv

    This shit is funny lmfao 🙂

  16. Ur bro voice sound like u lol

  17. kangaroo… hot cheetos.. ;D

  18. why would anyone throw away hot cheetos! so true 😛

  19. the songs at the end made this perfect 🙂

  20. LMFAO

  21. By: mezo clan

    You poop naked lol



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