An Inconvenient Truth

I travel back in time and break some hard news to myself. Young Freddie played by Philip – you may remember him from this video: Also I may have inadvertently invented Flamin’ Hots, Terminator 2 style

Title: An Inconvenient Truth

Duration: 2:20

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  1. By: xreflex

    Aww I feel so sorry for him at the end he soon’s finds out it does nothing

  2. By: tolerancija

    All Asians look the same? Relaaax, I’m just kidding… xD

  3. By: curryeater259

    Freddie was looking at an apple. Since the company apple had existed, and had been extremely popular, then the young freddie would’ve known what the other freddie meant by buy apple.

  4. By: James Kaleb

    Curry eater apple wasnt popular till iPods and macs. And that was like the 2000s and if u looked at the beggining it said 1988

  5. By: curryeater259

    apple existed in 1998…. 

  6. By: the671mannn

    Well he really bought apple

  7. By: HelloMyNameIsEma

    1998* Freddie would have been 3 years old in ’88

  8. By: notserpmale03

    he got apple xD

  9. By: ACDCinator2

    2:17 flatscreen computer in background

  10. By: ipariszalonna

    Who said it didn’t?


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