Nobody Believes Fred

Get a Fred Party Pack at including your chance to be in a Fred video, a special Fred T-shirt, Who’s Ready to Party Album, It’s Hackin’ Christmas with Fred CD and Fred poster. Fred tries to tell everyone that he has a movie and new album coming out, but no one believes him, especially his mother. NEW DATE: Stay tuned for the premiere of “Fred: The Movie” on Nickelodeon, September 18 @ 8PM. NEW ALBUM: September 21: “Who’s Ready to Party?” “FRED: THE MOVIE” DVD: October 5: Movie and behind the scenes footage and more!

Title: Nobody Believes Fred

Duration: 1:37

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Added on: March 2nd, 2013

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  1. By: Ann Taboada

    i heard that my cousin told me that and i see the nickolodeon show about fred the show i was shock and jumped!

  2. By: MrCraziness101

    Pshyco idiotic horseman

  3. By: David Johnson

    why so many dislikers?

  4. By: EmLynne3


  5. By: kngnothing01

    I like the fred movies there so funny

  6. By: Martha Manjarrez

    i do beleven you fred

  7. By: Randomzxc4

    The dog is so cute !!

  8. By: daniel mendez

    I believe you Fred :)

  9. By: Gocho Andonov

    The dog is fuckin cute!

  10. By: gabriel83221

    I believe fred I do


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