Try – Pink (Cover by Tigirlily & Eric Thayne)

Get this song on iTunes! or Loudr (pay what you want) I had a ton of fun working with Tigirlily :) They’re awesom…

Title: Try – Pink (Cover by Tigirlily & Eric Thayne)

Duration: 4:11

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Added on: November 27th, 2013

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  1. By: Matthew Bloomfield

    It was like a symphony! Just brilliant! Keep the brilliant work up! Matthew

  2. By: StephenJ.Productions

    This why i love Youtube finding fellow creators just Amazings :O your tine
    is so different :) it gives me shivers. <3

  3. By: Ryan Howe

    Yeah! Wow Eric this was unbelievable! The musicality and taste you brought
    to this song made me like it a lot more than the original!! You’re gonna
    have to hook me up with what you use for that electric delay guitar. That
    sounded really awesome.

  4. By: EricThayneMusic

    This song is now on iTunes! Check the description for the link :)

  5. By: EricThayneMusic

    Crazy, huh??

  6. By: EricThayneMusic

    And we love making them! Thanks for all your support :)

  7. By: Zachary Duvall

    Great :)

  8. By: smileyourbeautiful37

    Y YOU NO EVER SING haha amazing by the way :)

  9. By: EricThayneMusic

    Already did! Check it out on my channel :)

  10. By: Ryan Howe

    Eric do you mind if I sent you (to your email) an original song of mine? I
    think you’d like it.

  11. By: EricThayneMusic

    Thanks Ryan! The electric guitars are a combo of midi samples and some that
    I recorded line in with my acoustic guitar. I just used stock delay plugins
    in Logic, mixed to taste 😉

  12. By: Jois Lee Yi Chin

    Awesome duet :)

  13. By: EricThayneMusic


  14. By: Ryan Howe

    Okay! Gotcha! I do love Logic…that is the stuff to use. I don’t have it
    myself but I’ve been able to before. Also, I watched Celebration Hymn and
    that was really awesome. I’m primarily a piano player myself, so I
    especially enjoyed it.

  15. By: Fullscreen

    We love seeing collaborations like this. It’s testament to how awesome the
    YouTube community is! You’re all so talented. Great video guys!

  16. By: jackie duckworth

    love it

  17. By: EricThayneMusic

    Haha maybe in the future 😉 Thanks!

  18. By: Ryan Howe

    Okay! I gotcha. Logic enables us to do some really amazing things.

  19. By: EricThayneMusic


  20. By: Tiago Braga

    This is AWESOME!! Congrats dude, this is really really good :) Loved the
    arrangement you made and the twist you gave to the song! And of course, the
    lovely vocalists were amazing too :)


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